100 Things to Do During Quarantine.

100 things to do which in quarantine due to coronavirus (covid19)

Never Be Bored Again!

By Lori Spensieri

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100 Things To Do When You Are Bored! Are you looking for an awesome list of things to do during this lockdown time?

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This is me almost every day. I am staying productive, which keeps me happy and smiling.

Don’t be bored! Stay busy. You will be surprised how many things there are to do once you sit down and put some thought into it.

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Hello Positive Peeps! It’s Lori here, your self-appointed positivity princess. I am here spreading happiness and positivity. I know some of you are sitting at home and starting to get bored. You are sick of the same old activities that you have been doing. Well I am here to share a list of 100 awesome super fun things for you to do, alone or with your kids. Please comment below which idea is your favourite. Have a lovely day, and Eh! Be Positive.

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100 things to do at home during Quarantine

1. Watch the Mandalorian

The all-new series on Disney Plus is sure ot entertain. It literally has something for everyone. There are fight scenes that will get your heart racing. The idea behind the series is that a Mandalorian is contracted to rescue a “child”. He winds up feeling intense paternal emotions and when the time comes, will he be able to hand over his target? See for yourself. Your life, post Baby Yoda, will never be the same.

If you have not seen “The Mandalorian” on Disney Plus, you have not had the pleasure of meeting Baby Yoda.

2. Watch all the star wars movies

There are 9 Star Wars Movies in all. They are set into 3 sets of 3 or three trilogies. Some will tell you watch them in the order in which they were made although a true fan will say to watch them in the order to which they would have happened chronologically. Click here for advise from starwars.com. Either way, make some popcorn, it is sure to be an epic marathon.

3. Read the book IT (or other book)

Jacob enjoying some light reading. LOL.

The idea here to do hit two birds with one stone, without hurting any birds. You will get some reading done as well as do something (read) that you have been putting off.

4. Clean the cantina or other cupboard

They say that your mind is more cluttered if your home is cluttered. When we are in our homes more, cooking at home more we find ourselves looking for things to do. Why no organize the drawers, storage spaces, closets and cupboards. You will feel an immense feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment and when you kids inevitably can’t find something that they desperately need, you will save the day.

5. Rearrange your closet

Everyone has that one closet that needs a lot of work. It is similar to the kitchen junk drawer, only bigger and messier. My closer that needed work is the one in my bedroom. My clothes were overflowing out of it. I got three bins. One for donations, one for tossing and one for storing in a storage bin in the basement (usually if the item is for another season. Go for it. Take an hour or two and get it sorted. You will feel so much better, I promise.

Everyone has a closet that needs sorting.

6. Wash your car exterior

They say that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. If you keep your car clean and tidy, you are more likely to keep you desk, your bedroom, your purse etc that way. Take 30 minutes to get it into tip top shape. Another option is to take your car through a car wash.

Dust or clean the house. You will breathe easy after that.

7. Wash your car interior

Does your car look like a tornado went off? In the past I would have to avoid giving others a ride, as my car was a mess. I finally took it to get detailed and wow what a difference. Keeping it clean is a lot easier to fathom, than trying to get it clean when it is a mess.

8. Dust the entire house

Every day your dead skin and hair cells shed off of your body and head. It sounds gross but it is totally naturual and normal. Your cells regenerate. Do you know what dust is? It is the cells that have sloughed off and landed on all of the surfaces in your home. Go room by room and dust away all the dust. You can wipe away the dust with a wet paper towel or just a duster. Go for it. Get dusting.

9. Create a youtube channel

Have you ever wanted to have a Youtube channel. Do you sing? Do you have an expertise? Maybe you are a dance teacher. Whatever your talent or skill, you can have fun and success in this forum. There are many online courses and books all about starting your own Youtube channel. Have fun and get creative.

Start your own Youtube channel like I did. It is really easy.

10. Learn how to play the guitar sitting in your closet

It may not be a guitar. It may be your piano or even a trumpet. Whatever it is, pull it out and start playing music. Learn or relearn a song. Being able to play a musical instrument is always a good thing. Making music is a valuable creative outlet.

11. Build a lego set

Builidng lego is not just for kids anymore. There are so many benefits to play. Building a lego set encourages the idea of reading and following instructions. There is also a huge feeling of accomplishment in completing a larger set. There is high payout with a low risk and little need for actual skill. I am not belitting master builders. Lego masters have some serious creativity and skill indeed.

12. Learn how to draw something

Drawing is another really wonderful and easy creative outlet. Now, I can hear half of you saying out loud, BUT I can’t draw. You can draw. You just need a few pointers. Check this video on how to draw a few simple things.

13. Sing

There are so many benefits to singing. Whether you are a good singer or not, check out this image that lists 14 benefits of singing.

14. Learn the TikTok stair shuffle (be careful)

What are kids into these days? Well to sum it up, they are into TikTok. If you have not been sucked into this yet, decide whether you want to as it can be highly entertaining but also highly addictive. Show clips of 15 seconds that usually include; a dance, a joke, a meme, a song etc. One popular one is the “Stair shuffle”. It is a dance that is done going up the stairs. Yup. That’s what it is. Maybe you can be the next Stair Shuffle Champ!

15 Learn how to do Tarot readings

How fun is that? Getting a tarot reading. A simple reading will give you insite about your past, current situation and your future. Whether you are spiritual or not, you can have fun doing readings, interpreting them and even learning more about the spiritual side of things.

Me, Lori, trying my hand at Tarot.

16. Organize your underwear drawer

Cleanliness is next to Godliness right? Well what’s nicer than a tidy undie drawer? Nothing. Purge any pairs that you do not wear any longer. Get rid of ones with holes or destroyed elastics! No. You will not fix them. Then decide on a system to organize or a way to fold. I like to roll mine.

17. Write the novel you have always wanted to write

You can do it. Have you always wanted to write a novel. Use this extra time to do it. You can use the book below to help you through the steps. There are hundreds of youtube channel dovoted to writing your own book. There are online courses. The best thing you can do is START. The momentum and excitement for accomplishment and success will propel you forward. I believe in you.

18. Clear out your email inbox (including the junk mail)

Go through your email inbox. If you email inbox has gotten out of control, this is an opportunity to get it under control. Delete 100 per day or set up a deletion schedule. You will feel calmer with an organized inbox. You may be missing important emails if they are buried in a bunch of junk mail. Lastly, if you have subscribed to some automaic emails, that you no longer want, unsubscribe. It takes one minute but it will save you up to 7 extra emails per week.

19. Write a poem

Anyone can write a poem. Give it a try. It does not have to rhyme. Put down some ideas. Put some words and ideas down on the paper and see where it takes you. Have fun.

20. Sort our your jewellery

If you have a collection of anything, take time to sort it out. See if anything needs cleaning or repair. Take a look if ther eis anything that you would like to sell or donate.

21. Read up on rocks, and the rock cycle

How does new crust form on the Earth? How many types of rocks are there? What is the rock cycle? What are the layers of the Earth? Find out.

23. Do anonline course

Have you ever wanted to learn how to start your own Youtube channel, how to do Rieki or perhaps you want to learn about doing your own taxes. There are thousands of courses at Udemy and at other onlne school. There are many free options right now as well.

Click here for the Udemy website.

24. Read up on the law of attraction

There are so many books and websites on this famous topic. The Law of Attraction has been around since the beginning of time altough it did not pick up steam until 2000 when Rhonda Byrnes created ‘The Secret’ film. I have read so many amazing books but the best one by far is “The Last Law of Attraction Book that You’ll Ever Need to Read” by Andrew Kaplan.

He explain all necessary concepts on the Law of Attration. He discusses pitfalls that can slow things down and then he provides very easy-to-follow strategies. It is even available as an audio-book at audible.com. Click here for the link.

25. Watch all of my videos

I love to make videos. I post videos to Youtube on all things positive and happy. I want to help people to live their best life. Here is a link to one of my more recent videos.

26. Watch documentaries on Netflix

If you have nothing to do why not learn something. Netflix has a lof of shows including drama, comies and kids shows. Do not forget the wide variety of amazing documentaries out there too. There are specials about the earth, the law of attraction, sociology, human psychology and technology. Check it out.

27. Do a home facial

See what is in your fridge. You can use lemon juide and granulated sugar as a quick, easy and safe exfoliator. Look up other household items that can be used to do a facial. Just because we are stuck at home does not mean that we have to look that way.

28. Facetime with a friend

You can Facetime and see anyone you want.

Your friends would love to see your face. Just because you can not visit anyone this does not mean that you have to lose touch. You have so many options. You can use Facetime on any apple device. You can use WhatsApp. There are Zoom meetings and Facebook Messenger calls. The options are endless.

29. Call your mom

Mom would love to hear from you. Call her. I think I will right now.

30. Make a big salad and eat all of it.

Lori Getting Her Fitness On!

31. Write an old fashioned letter

Take out a piece of paper and a pen. Write “Dear…”and go from there. Receiving a pen-pal style letter from a friend or family member is so fun and exciting. You can even send small gifts, stickers, magnets and other small thngs. Have fun.

32. Knit

Try knitting. You can use a loom or a try good old fashioned knitting needles. There are many youtube videos and books to help you to knit simple thngs. Have fun and be creative.

Famous Footwear Canada

33. Write our your Xmas cards

34. Delete 100 photos from your phone

Set up google drive and you can store thousands of photos. You can set up Cloud sharing and storage. You can print photos to hard copy like in the olden days. Either way, purse some photos that you do not need. Your storage will thank you.

35. Become an influencer

Do you have a following? Do you have a passion for something? Are you into fashion or makeup or sports? You can become an influencer. Choose a forum or social media outlet and start posting. Use appropriate hashtags. Go for it.

36. Make an e-book and publish it

Excellent course that will walk you through the entire process of publishing you own e-book.

CLick here for a course

37. Play Super Mario

Super Mario offers hours of fun. Whether you are using a Nintendo Switch or a classic Nintendo system, there is a guarantee of hours of fun. Nintendo offers a mini version of both the Nintendo system and the Super Nintendo.

Matthew always has a lot of devices to choose between. He does not have free access to them all. This is why he looks so excited to have them all in front of him all at the same time.


38. Play onour Xbox

Have fun. Even if you are an adult, pull out that x-box and have fun.

39. Play on your Playstation

Matthew’s face says it all.

Matthew playing on his PS4. 100 things to do which in quarantine due to coronavirus (covid19)
Matthew enjoying PS4 almost too much.

40. Play a game on your phone

You may find yourself on your phone more than usual. Maybe you are on social media or stuck watching the news. Try something else. Try some games that will keep your brain sharp. Click here for a list of 23 fun games to try.

41. Create an App

Here is a list of top App-Making Software.

42. Write a song

Just as there are so many benefits to singing, the benefits of songwriting are many. You can express your creativity on paper and then add music. The results can be so therapeutic. Try it out. You may surprise yourself.

43. Look for jobs

Do you like what you do? Do you enjoy the job that you have pursued? This is a great time to self-reflect. Perhaps there is a career that you have been wanting to try. This is the time. See what courses you could take. See what training you could participate in. What other options do you have. take a good look.

1 30-day Job and 1 30-day Career Ad Network ($425)

44. Learn how to write using calligraphy

Have you ever seen very beautiful script done by specially shaped makers. This takes some skill and a whole bunch of patience. You can learn this if you put your mind to it. You can even make money with this skill as some off to create wedding invitation with the special script.

45. Make coffee

This one is simple. Make some coffee. We are all used to driving through a drive through or sitting in the nearby coffee shop. Some of us have forgotten that this can be made at home. Make the perfect cup and if you are feeling ambitious try making your own biscotti to along with the fabulous homemade coffee.

Perhaps, you will reduce your coffee or soda consumption.

46. Learn now to say hello in 20 different languages

47. Deep clean the shower…you know you have been putting this off.

Grab your sponge and your favourite cleaning products. Set up some music and a timer for 20 minutes. Clean that shower. Scrub the grout and the tile. Do not forget to rince all off all of the product. These pruducts can be abbrasive.

Click here for an article about decluttering.

48. Fix all the little dents in the dry wall

It is not that hard. We have been conditioned to think that small jobs around the house are difficult but many are very easy. To make a few: changing a lightbulb, changing the furnace filter and even filling a small hole in the dry-wall.

49. Learn all the lyrics of one song

Are you sick of humming along and then at the perfect moment you belt out the best part, all wrong. You then mumble under your breath that the singer needs to learn the words. Use this an opportunity to research and leard the lyrics of your favourite song. It will be like Karaoke, in your own home.

50. Hang out with your kids

Yes, you read that correctly. Spend some more time with your kids. Whatever they are doing, join them and pay attention to them. See what you can do together. Perhaps you can do one of the following; play a boardgame, build some lego, bake something, do some exercise. What you do does not matter. You can have fun doing anything.

51. Do some lawn work and landscaping

Perhaps you usually have someone else do you landscaping and yard work. Why not try your hand at this? You never know. It may be a hidden talent. Perhaps you can even get into a little light gardening. Have fun.

52. Make your own pickles

Have you even made your own pickles? Well it is not that difficult. You need a few key ingredients and then you are on your way. My husband made some of his own pickles. There are 12 jars in the spare fridge in the basement…but he is yet to try one. You can pickle other vegetables as well. You can try turnips, carrots, cauliflower, eggplant or peppers.

53. Read the bible (or other religious books)

Whether you are a devout follower of religion or not, give it a go. You never know what you may be missing.

54. Study the periodic table

Have you even felt like you wanted to increase your general or common knowledge. Why not try starting with the periodic table. Start with the first 10 and then move on from there. You can study other concepts as well. Some ideas include: the planets, the digits of pi, the names of all of the presidents or prime ministers. The options are endless.

55. Look back at your old University texts and relearn

You may have a bunch of textbooks in your basement, collecting dust. Why not pull them out and re-read what you learned in the past. Sharpen up your knowledge. If you find that you are truly not interested in rereading, perhaps you can purse these books. You can sell them online or donate them.

56. Learn about the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza

This man is an author, a teache, a speaker and a scientist. He seens the world as much more than the 3D environment in which we live day by day. Check out his website and his Youtube channel. Once you start listening to his ideas, you will never see the world the same again.

57. Learn sign language

Learn a few key phrases. Hello, goodbye, thank you. This will come in handy one day. Also, you may be really good at this and it could lead to a great job as a sign-language interpreter. These are always in demand.

58. Bake a cake

Whether it is someones birthday or not, bake a cake. You can use a mix or bake from scratch. Add some icing and enjoy. Cake makes everything better.

My Niece Olive making her mom a cake during quarantine.
My Niece Olive making her mom a cake during quarantine.

59. Get that sewing machine out and make something

I took out my sewing machine from the basement storage under the stairs. I realized I have not sewn anyting for five years. I decided to try my hand at making some fabric masks. See how it went. Try it yourself. You can do this by hand if you do not have a machine.

60. Learn origami

It is more than just folding paper. You can make some very inticate designs and artwork. Try something simple to begin and work your way up to more complicated pieces. Enjoy and be creative.

61. Get a stain out of that sweater

We all have a sweater or a dress or pair of jeans that has a stain. Perhaps a wine stain or other food or drink. In may even be a stain that we can not identify. Try some less common stain removal tecniques.

62. Organize your socks

Maybe you have a perfectly organized sock drawer with all of your socks rolled up into nice little matching packages. But if you are like me, your socks get a little out of control again. Take time. Dump out that drawer sort away. More tidy spaces equals a calmer mind.

63. Make your own vegetable soup

Click here for the website My Food and Family. It is created by Kraft and Heinz. There are hundreds of awesome and healthy recipes that you can try.

64. Bake cookies

Chocolate chip, penut butter or oatmal raison? It does not matter. Just make cookies either from a mix or from scratch. Everyone loves the smell of freshly baked cookies.

65. Make a collage

Grab some photos, postcards, magazine and glue. Get busy cutting images, words and patterns that you love. You can make this as small as a trading card or as large as an entire wall. It does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you are happy and having fun.

66. Make a vision board

Click here for an awesome blog article about vision boards.

67. Play with your pet

We get it. It is not always easy to find time to play with Sparky. But now, if you are bored or if you have extra time, take him/her for an extra walk. Play peekabook with Pooky the cat. They will love you for it.

68. Draw the house across the street

Sit in the bedroom that faces the front of the house. Have your drawing pad or any piece of paper. Place it on a flat surface. A clip-board is perfect for this. Look at the house and draw what you see. Enjoy.

69. Think of 20 words that mean happy or good

70. Research what was happening 10 years ago today in history

Click here for a website that will tell you what was happening in history on any particular day.

71. Read your horoscope

Click the image below to see your daily horoscope from the Globe and Mail.

Write a daily list of 10 things for which you are grateful.

72. Do the plank for 60 seconds

73. Set the table, properly lol

In a world where we are rushing all the time, slow it down. Take time to enjoy the little things. Little things that include; setting the table properly, iron your table clothe or rearranging furniture.

74. Create a Gratitude Journal

Start a gratitude journal. You can write a list of 10 things for which you are grateful every single day. This will make you feel more grateful, happier and more abundant.

75. Design a dress or shoes or sweater

At one point I was fully convinced that I wanted to be a designer. The only problem was that I did not know what I wanted to design. Growing up I liked everything. I like visual arts, fashion, hair, makeup, film…everything. It was difficult for me to narrow down my interests. If youhave never tried your hand at designing something, give it a try. You may discover a talent that you didn’t know that you have.

76. Do Yoga. Find a beginner sequence of poses

Yoga is one of those things that some people can never see themselves doing. It is also one of those things that you ca not knock until you try. Find a beginner sequence and go from there. Enjoy and Namaste.

77. Make a paper airplane or a boat

It is the most simple form of oregami. It does require a lot of work or care but you and your child, or just you, can have hours of fun.

Matthew enjoying a paper plane that he made. This is part of the 100 things  you can do during quarantine.
Matthew enjoying a paper plane that he made. This is part of the 100 things you can do during quarantine.

78. Curl your hair

Grab your curling iron or your curlers. Why not do your hair as if you are going out…even if you are not. See it as practice. There are so many easy styles that you can try.

30% discount on all orders over €100

79. Clean up your own eyebrows

If you are used to always getting your eyebrows shaped and cleaned up by a technician, you may be surprised how easy it is to style your own eyebrows.

80. Learn how to do sugaring at home

Hair removal is a huge part of the beauty business. One of the safest and more cost effective way to get rid of this body hair is through sugaring. See the video below.

81. Sort through all your books

Be it cookbooks, self-help books or tons of magazines, if you have an abundance, you can use this time to sort through them all. You can create three bins; donate, throw away and keep. Then you can sort out the books that you are keeping and display them neatly.

82. Learn about KonMari method of purging your junk

Click here for an article about the KonMari Method of sorting, purging and organizing your stuff.

83. Plan out your meals for the next week

Using either an App, a chart or notepad, create a list or plan of all of the meals that are to be consumed by your family in the coming week. This plan will serve as step 1 in planning what you will need to buy while grocery shopping this week. Planning out meals will take away the daily pains and stresses of trying to figure out what you will prepare.

84. Find some recipes and make them calorie friendly

What are your favourite foods? They are not all healthy I am willing to bet. Well, if they do not contain the ideal ingredients for a light eating regimen, you can either find lighter recipes or you can replace higher fat/sugar items in a recipe with better options.

85. Make a book mark

Hopefull you have had a chance to do a little bit of reading. I love to read although I do not often find the time, usually. Well maybe you have foudn some time. But, how will you keep you place in your book. Well you can make a bookmark. See the link below for 25 book marks that you can make.

Click here for an article with 25 amazing DIY bookmark ideas.

86. Study meditation and start doing it (or just start)

If you have tried meditation, go back to it. If you are resistant and feel that you do not want to sit still or perhaps you feel that it will not work for you. See the video below. If explains in a short video, the benefits of meditation and where to start.

Click here for an article about meditation.

87. Go on Fiverr and see if there is a service you can offer to make some cash

Whatever your skill is you can make a few bucks at www.fiverr.com. Options of services that you can offer; art work, programming, graphic design, music or sound production, editing, and so much more. You can offer a service for a little at $5.00.

88. Write articles for websites

There are so many websites and blogs that will accept work from writers. Usually the writing gigs are not even advertised. Try searching in online forums for contracted writing jobs or you can simply email a blogger and let them know you are a writer in their niche and that you are willing to contribute to their content. This will get you some publishing credits.

Write articles for other's websites. This will give you experience and publishing credits.
Write articles for other’s websites. This will give you experience and publishing credits.

89. Make some pottery or clay sculptures

This is the time for being as creative as possible. Let all of those juices flow. Perhaps you have done some caligraphy or some drawing. Why not take it into the 3D?

90. Make twilling or paper art

Have you ever seen some really cute paper art and thought to yourself, “I woud love to try that”. Well this is your change. Grab some paper, some scissors and some glue and get creative.

91. Do some push ups

Push ups are a great form of full-body exercise. When you do pushup with the proper form, you are working your bicepts, tricepts, the core, your back and your shoulder muscles. Doing this every day is not necesary but push-ups can be part of your exercise regimen.

92. Make your own tiara or crown

Are you royalty in your own home? Well why not make a crown or a tiara to symbolize this. this is just for fun of course. Use items from around the house and be creative.

93. Do some gardening or planting

Do you have a green thumb? You can try out your hand in gardening. There are a few options here. You can grow herbs right in your home. You can plant vegetables in pots or in your garden in your yard. Whichever you try, make sure that you do a little reserach on how to best care for your planted items.

94. Make toilet paper roll crafts (not just for irony)

There are so many cute projects that you can make with toilet paper rolls. See the little ninjas in the image below. Those are made with the rolls, some twine, and paint. The other image is my nephew and his dad. They made Peppa Pig characters. The options are endless.

My Nephew Jean-Paul making a toilet roll Peppa Pig. This is part of the 100 thngs to do which in quarantine.
My Nephew Jean-Paul making a toilet roll Peppa Pig. This is part of the 100 thngs to do which in quarantine.
toilet paper roll crafts
Make Toilet Paper Roll Ninjas. Part of 100 things to do which on quarantine.

95. Practice counting 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s etc.

Did your middle school teacher drill the times tables into you? Mine did, daily. It was stressful at the time but I find myself being grateful that I know so many number facts. Practice counting by 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s etc. At first it will feel difficult and uncomforable but after a short while it gets much easier. Give it a go.

96. Learn how to make your bed (hospital corners)

Do you ever feel like your bedroom does not look like the adult bedrooms that you see on TV? Well one of the reasons is due the how you make your bed. They say that when you start your day by getting up and immediately making your bed you will have a more successful day. This is true. You are starting out with a small win, which will lead to motivation more wins. Now, does it matter how our bed is made. Well, not particularly but if you are looking for that polished look, see the video below.

97. Take photos of items in your home that are beautiful

Simply walk around your house and take a look at how the light hits each surfaces. Look at your pieces of art, your furniture, your jewelry in a different way. Look at them from an artistic standpoint. See the object for its beauty, rather than its function. Try a few angles. Enjoy. You can even finish by making a collage.

98. Colour some pictures

Adult colouring has become a popular activity in the mndfulness mentality. When we colour we are being a little more passive. We are paying attention to the simplicity of keeping everything in the lines, instead of worrying about bills or other problems we may be experiencing in our lives. Some people really enjoy colouring, other actually find that it illicits anxiety. Either way, give it a try. You can print out free colouring page or you can buy a simple colouring book online.

Click here for free printables.

99. Make a PowerPoint presentation for the fun of it

Have you always wanted to be speaker, someone who says speeches while people watch intently. Try it out. Choose a topic of interest to you, and then make a power point. Have your family watch while you explain each slide. Another option is to turn that PowerPoint into a video. One last point on this is that there are inexpensive projectors that you can purchase. This is make the experience so much richer! Enjoy!

100. make your own blog.

101. Make a list of 100 things to do

Click here to get to our facebook group called eh be positive.

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