24 Top Law of Attraction Youtubers!

24 best law of attraction you tubers

Top 24 Law of Attraction You-Tubers

I have felt so blessed to have discovered so many amazing inspiring effervescent personalities in the recent months. I started my path to riches as an experiment. I Am manifesting into my life $5,515,836. I am an author, a teacher, a youtuber, an influencer, a speaker, a mothers and a citizen of earth 

Top 24 Law of Attraction You-Tubers

Manifest Yourself

This is a larger channel with golden content. There are talks by Dr. Joe Dispenza, how to meditate, how to raise your vibration. There are videos for people new to the law of attraction as well as veteran Law of attraction studiers.


Click here for another article. All about the Law of Attraction. The accompanying video can be found there too!

Karen and Jeffrey Pearl

A beautiful and passionate couple who are so inspiring. They eat a plant based diet and they share the benefits of this lifestyle. Their videos are short and sweet but have big jewels of wisdom.


Nick Mastropiero

He is a very intelligent and insightful young man. He has a future in speaking and influencing others to think in the certain way. He teaches us about manifesting and he shows us some of the mistakes that we make that are halting out manifestation abilities. He finishes each video with: “Manifest Powerfully”, which is a powerful reminder of what we are capable of.


Frank Fulmanante

He talks about so many awesome topics related to LOA. He discusses self -love and you can tell that he has passion for making videos. Passion emanates from each word he says. See the link.


Howell Consultations

A wonderful channel that contains mainly lists for ones betterment. He quotes the likes of Ekhart Tolle, Napoleon Hill and Neville Goddard.

He uses the cartoon videos that are very easy to watch and they command attention. I love the life lessons. They are quick and easy to follow and positive change becomes inevitable.


Youtubers that teach mindfulness!

Shelly Bullard

A beautiful soul who talks a lot about manifesting your specific person. She speaks from the heart and her voice makes me feel like we have known each other for years. She offers courses and materials although I never feel like I am being guided to a sales page.


Click here for an article about three experiments that you can do to test out your skills with the law of attraction.

Personal Mastery Quest

What a wealth of authentic knowledge. The star of these videos is an avid reader and studier of the Law of Attraction particularly on the topics pertaining to reality transurfing, and living in the end.

A great youtuber is more like a mentor.


Mary Kate

What a calming presence with a massive collection of knowldeg. She is a manifestation expert and you can tell in the conviction with which she speaks. She discusses powerful concrete ways to manifest money, love and other blessings. Highly recommend.


Joshua Tongol

He keeps it cool and personal. I feel like him and I are sitting in a coffee shop while he teaches me the way of the force. He gives great examples and stories that demonstrate his points in a way that I can use. His video the Law of Liberty changed my world.

Click here to get to Joshua Tongol’s website. He has a ton of great resources that will help you on your spiritual journey.

The Big Challenge - 30 Day Happiness Challenge
A geat youtuber challenges you to become better!


Daily Motivation

This video has beautiful, insiring videos that tell us everything that we need to hear, right when we need to hear it. It has perfect timing. The topics includes: motivation to preserver, dare to be different, epiphany videos that will change your way of thinking and seeing the world and so much more. The channel uses insight from so many


Master Sri Akarshana

This man is your friend from next door, mixed with a monk and a millionaire. He is fun, easygoing and honest, although his insight is priceless. His featured segments include Lambo Yoga challenge and he is also awesome on Tiktok. He does speaking events and contests. He also does short spoken word rant videos, and guided meditations. Check him out.


Jake Ducey

I discovered this lovely man shortly after Aaron Doughty. He talks about Neville Goddard and living in the end, he discusses feeling is the secret and other universal laws. I like his success story too. He used his own technique of

He offers a free-guided meditation called the second mind. It is amazing in helping to restructure and reprogram the subconscious.

Click here to get to Jake Ducey’s website. His free material is there as well as so much more.


A Helpful Earth

This young man is an inspiration. He is still relatively small in number of subscribers but that is because his channel is relatvly new. He will grow quickly. His videos are good quality and easy to watch from beginning to end. His insight is deep and I do learn a lot for him.


Mr. Inspiration

This channel has a lot of really deep Law of attraction material and insight. The author/owner, uses his voice to discuss such ideas from Neville Goddard as living in the end, and feeling is the secret. He dives deeper in his explanation. He discusses how to use sleep and the drowsy sleepy state to your advantage. His channel is also somewhat small but again very new and he will pick up steam.


The Gem Goddess

This woman is a Goddess..in every way. She is beautiful and so bright too. A mix of her long hair, eyelashes and nails mesmorizes one, combined with her sweet disposition. She shares her deep understadnig pf the law of attraction along with her knowing of crystals, tarot readings and other spiritual subjects. A definite recommendation


Universal Crystals

This young man is ahead of his age and ahead of his time.  I don’t know his name but I messaged him to ask him. He is aware of things in life that many never will be. He has a clear calling to help others who are experiencing awakening. He discusses LOA, living in the end, programming the subconscious, use of crystals and he even delves into the idea of the need to share ones enlightenment experience and how that is similar for most of us.


Aaron Doughty

This man is one of the originals. He is the first LOA youtuber that I ever watched. His style is so magnetic and effervescent. He shows us just how programmed we have been from a young age to have certain core beliefs. We can change these beliefs and he shows up powerful ways to do this.


Trice Pruitt

Another beautiful soul. She is always supportive toward me and my channel and she has a kindness that is unmatched. Her videos are interesting and insightful in a way that is easy to apply to ones life.  She always replies to all of my comments and I look forward to her videos. My favourite of her videos are the ones about manifesting money and beauty. See it is working for me.


W.M. MaGustavo

This man brings enthusiasm and so much love to the camera. He is well read and he knows how to apply all of the law of attraction concepts to his life effectively. He is like a university professor, brimming to the rim with details that he has to share. It is his calling. He is also very personable and real which is so refreshing. He offers a free guided meditation to listen to, to help you manifest your desires.


Infinite Waters

What can I say about Ralph Smart. I just learned of this channel. I feel so happy to have it now. I downloaded a bunch of his videos to listen to on the way to work. They are so encouraging and they help me see the errors in my thinking, that sabotage myself. I love his charisma. With his Ewwww baby…breathing in the fine ass prawna baby. I love it. He is addictive.

I love that his mother is his mentor. My mom is mine.


Michael Dennis

Again, another newer, slightly smaller channel with content to kill. Michael discusses motivation, finding your passion, how to be present and how to be self aware. He is very clear and insightful. He may appeal to a younger audience although his information and presentation resonate with me at 40 too.


You Are Creators

What a great channel. There is a variety of contents types here. The hsot does videos called, “down the rabbit hole”. He has a great voice for videos but its fun to see his live videos too. He shares LOA insite, relationship advice, bueinssiness and money and other topics too.


Erika K

This woman is a beautiful Earth angel.  Her voice hypnotises you while she builds you up to feel loved, wanted and perfect. She reminds us that we are exactly where we need to and doing what we need to do. Everythign we need is right inside us. She offers 1;1 coaching which I am considering taking her up on.


Leeor Alexandra

I discovered Leeor when I saw a video with Aaron Doughty during their conscious uncoupling. It made me sad to see them breaking up and I didn’t even know they were together in the first place. Leeor is elegant and intelligent but she is so much more. She is graceful in how she communicates delicate subject matter in a way that seems much less difficult or threatening. I love her that she sells as well. She discusses many topics, including 17 seconds Rule, How to love yourself, self-care and other related topics.


Thank you for reading my blog. I get great enjoyment out of spreading love, happiness and positivity to as many people as possible. I would love to see the world open their eyes, as a collective and truly see the law of attraction for what it really is. It is universal permission to enjoy life and to be in the moment.

These Youtube channels have taught me so much about how to use the law of attraction and now I am ready to share this with my audience (and anyone else who will listen).

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Have a great day and Eh! Be Positive.

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