“30 Day Happiness Challenge”

The Big Challenge - 30 Day Happiness Challenge
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By Lori And Cara Spensieri 

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A lot can change in 30 days. Imagine yourself in 30 days from now. What will you be doing? What will you be eating, wearing or saying? You do not know. None of this has happened yet. Based on the law of attraction, putting some intentional thought into this can pay off and lead to real directional changes in your life. 

A Lot Can Change In 30 Days

A lot can change in 30 days. This is repeated for emphasis. In order for a change to happen, you will have to do some things differently. We all know the age old and ever-so-wise quote by Einstein. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well this is absolutely true. Do you ever find yourself in a familiar pattern? Doing the same things and seeing the same results. Well that habit is going to stop.  

Over the next 30 days, you will be doing many different unique tasks, actions and challenges. You will be encouraged to try new things, be a little uncomfortable at times and face some fears as well. On the other side of these new experiences is greatness. With that being said, let’ s get started.  

We offer you, “The 30 Days Happiness Challenge”. There is no charge or payment to participate. There is no sales pitch or webinar or course to buy, we promise. We just want you to become happier. They say that if you want to see change in world, start with yourself. Well, we did just that. We found a way to create and maintain more happiness in our lives and we want to share our methods with you.  

What principles are used to create more happiness? 

This challenge uses 6 principals. 

1. Getting to know yourself and what makes you tick 

Knowing yourself is so important. You should know what your favourite food is and your favourite colour. When you put time into learning about yourself, you are investing.  

2. Mindfulness, and self care          

Mindfulness seems to be the new buzzword. What does it mean? It means paying attention to your thoughts. It means having the realization that the only thing you truly have control over is your thoughts. There are many practices related to mindfulness including yoga, breathing, tapping, meditation, etc. Self care goes along with mindfulness. It is self explanatory. Self care means caring for yourself. It means slowing down and tending to your own needs, before your get overwhelmed and burned out. You can not be there to care for other people if you are not caring for yourself first.

3. Better yourself 

It is never too late to take a course, or learn a new language. The books on self help and self improvement are almost countless. There are a myriad of YouTube channels dedicated to this as well. Start with your habits. Set up a consistent bed time and wake up time and stick to it. Set some goals for the coming days, weeks and months. Really look at yourself under a critical lens without being too much of a perfectionist. When you stop learning, you stop growing. Growing leads to positive change and happiness.  

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4. Distraction 

Keep yourself busy with constructive, productive and positive hobbies and tasks. Create something, read a good book, or make a new recipe. An idle mind is a wasted mind. This does not mean that you have to be running around aimlessly. It is quite the contrary. This type of ‘business’ is meant to leave you feeling fulfilled, not drained. Being distracted by things that make you happy, leads to the feeling of flow, or passage of time, that seems accelerated. Where do you think the old saying “Time flies when you are having fun,” comes from? 

Looking for ways to distract yourself. Here are 100 things you can do to keep yourself busy, productive and happy.

5. Social Connections 

tracy moore from city line with my mom and myself.
Making some social connections.

Humans are social animals. We crave the company of other beings. We want to share our good news, offer a shoulder to a worried friends or make others laugh. It is in our DNA. It may be related to the human instinct to reproduce or the other human instinct to travel in groups in order to protect oneself. Whatever the origin of this need, it does exist. A set of the tasks in this 30-day challenge are geared toward helping you better your social connections.  

 6. Use the law of attraction in your favour 

This is going to be work for you, whether you believe in it or not. It will work in the positive or the negative. There are 3 key ideas that we use.  

A) Know what you want (in the positive) 

B) Ask-believe-receive 

C) be in the moment (let go, release) 

How does  “The 30 Day Happiness Challenge” work?  

One can participate in the challenge in one of two ways.  

Option 1) Click here to join our Facebook group “Eh! Be Positive”  

Each day we post a Challenge. All you have to do is “like” that post, share the post and do the small challenge.  

Option 2) Follow us on Instagram @ehbepositive or @thirtydaystohappy 

Each day we post a challenge. All you have to do is “like” or double click that post, share the post to your story,  and do the small challenge.  

Usually the challenge involves answering a quick question, sharing a photo, completing a mini-survey, or sharing something about your life. It is so easy and fun. You will feel happier as soon as you are part of this amazing supportive community of like-minded people.  

Click here for an article about how to be happier.

We will be starting on Friday May 1st. Each day for 30 days there will be a video posted and a challenge posted. Join in and above all, have fun.

For most happiness inspiration and a daily dose of positivity follow our Instagram page and our Pinterest page.  

Any and all feedback is welcome and encouraged. All of our material is created by us. We do not use any outside or outsourced content or material. We realize that the genre that we write for is becoming more and more saturated but we have answered the call to spread all things positive.  

Lastly as you go through your “30 Day Happiness Challenge”, remember these key ideas: 

  • You perceive that of which you are in the frequency of. If you are feeling good and spreading positivity and happiness, you will attract more positive and happy things.  
  • Raise your vibration. All of the activities described over the “30 Day Happiness Challenge” are designed to raise your vibration, and hence bring you all of the things, and circumstances that you desire.  
  • Anything that you do for 3 weeks (21 days) consistently becomes a habit. This works with both positive and negative habits. Use this concept in your favour. Make repeating positive affirmation a habit. Make smiling a habit. Make gratitude a habit . 
  • What you resist persists. Always state your desires in the positive. When you state that which you do not want, you are sending powerful messages into the universe attracting that thing to you. Stop resisting that thing or person. Release the resistance. Forgive that person. Distance yourself from the desire. That way you can be in the moment and let the law of attraction do its thing.  
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