30 Days..

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the section dedicated to the “30 Days to a Happier You” Book and challenge. 

The Way it Works

For 30 weeks we will be providing you with all the information and strategies required to implent a new “Happy Habit” Each week will be a new habit or task to learn about and work on. Some of these tasks are simple things that you may already be doing (once in a while) and some are tasks of which you may not have heard. You will be helped along the way. Each week you will receive:

a) new task/habit

b) details on how to complete the task

c) tool, downloads, printables

d) resources

e) examples

f) challenges and opportunities to highlight your skills and talents in variuos areas.

Some of the weekly tasks/habits (my top 10 favourite)

  1. Guided Meditations
  2. Sleep Focus
  3. Happy Foods
  4. Paying it Forward
  5. Smiling and Laughing
  6. Getting to Know Yourself
  7. Learning New Skills
  8. Doing Something Creative (like colouring…see facebook page for some homemade colouring pages)
  9. Be a Social Creature
  10. Act Like a Kid
Eh! Be Positive Everyone

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