5 Gifts to Get Your Wife, girlfriend, fiance (or Even Your Mom)

….That she will actually like.

By Lori Spensieri

Love. Valentine’s Day is all about Love. It began in the year 496 with the initiation of the special day dedicated to love.

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One} Something of interest to her.

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Everyone has a passion. Think of something that gets you excited, makes the hairs on your arms stand up. This year, buy her a gift that is something that she has been wanting. Think about what she talks about. What does she watch on YouTube? If you are not sure, ask her. If you want it to be a surprise, ask her friends, her mother, the kids etc.

This may be a certain sweater, purse, some kind of chocolate, a book or something completely different.

If she is a collector of items of some sort, buy her a special item related to this. If she collects, porcelain dolls, get her one she has been coveting,.

If she has a hobby like sewing, or knitting or jogging, see if there is a survivor kit for this kind of hobbyist. Perhaps there is an item that she needs that relates to her hobby. Think outside the box.

Two} Flowers

She may say she doesn’t like flowers but every woman likes flowers. Your job is to figure out which flower.  Start early. Ask questions…drop hints.

For extra points, get the flowers delivered to her work. You don’t need to spend a lot. It’s the thougth that counts.

You can even make flowers…I have posted some beautiful paper flowers you can make.

Three} Make her something for her from the heart.

Even if you are not a creative person, she will be thrilled that you put in the effort. What can you make for her? you ask…

  1. Make her a hand-made card
  2. Bake her some brownies
  3. build her something (small piece of furniture
  4. Paint or draw her a picture
  5. Put up the show organizer that she has been asking you to put up.

There is a short “I Love You” video below. This is an example of something you can send your Wife, girlfriend or fiance. Even your mom would love it. You can even just forward this one. She will love it.

Four} An Experience

Take her on a walk, a hike, axe throwing, for a swim or to a trampoline park. It must be something that you do not do every day. The idea is to do this experience together. Another option if money is not an issue, take her away for a weekend. The time together is a sentiment that can not be replaced.

Five} Time and Attention

Undivided attention is key. Put away your phone. Ensure other family members, the kids or friends are not part of the plan. One on one, bonding time, is essential. Do what you have to do to ensure this.

The video below describes with flair why each of these items will knock her socks off!

Final Note…

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