Are you Ready to Enter into 5D Reality?

Are you ready to enter the 5th Dinension?

By Lori Spensieri

Hello positive peeps! It’s Lori Here, your positivity princess. 

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I want to talk about something that is very popular right now. This is the new topic flooding the collective consciousness. 

Noooo it’s not the dreaded negative virus bs… I’m talking about the massive movement of mankind toward a 5d reality. 

I’m so excited to talk about this. 
Let’s start here…

What is 5D?

Well we should really start by talking about our current reality, the 3D reality. 

This is the reality that most people live in. 

The 3D reality allows us to experience the physical world by using our senses. In the 3D reality we are separate and we see ourselves as our thoughts. Reality is based mainly on the presence of certain laws like duality and the presence of good and bad. Another big 3d quality is the presence of the ego. Letting the ego drive our emotions and decision… that is based in the 3rd dimension. 

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In the 3D we experience want and lack. It’s in the 3rd dimension that we feel such things as jealously and competition. It’s in the 3D where we just accept things as they are. You see it, therefor you believe it.

Now, keep in mind, you are a spiritual being having a temporary physical experience. Part of this experience in the 3D is to work with this duality. It is to experience the good, the bad and the ugly. You are here to learn, grow and expand. You can’t have flowers without rain and you can’t have stars without darkness. 

What is 4D?

Well, some would call this the gateway to 5D but getting to 5D for some is quite the leap and for others it’s smooth and graceful. 

When in 4D you are still using your senses but now you do not just take your perception at face value. In 4D we are aware that there is an ego and that we are not our ego. with patience, understanding and compassion we can accept others, even if they do not agree with us about certain things. In 4D we know that all of us are connected. You will enjoy the benefits of the physical body but you feel lighter and less dense. In this state of consciousness you have not travelled but you have moved up in consciousness. 

The frequency with which your energy vibrates at will be higher. This is not to say that any dimensional state of consciousness is better or more superior. They are all equal. It’s all about perception.. you won’t perceive that which you are not in the frequency of. 

Click here for a video all about raising your vibration.

What is 5D?

What does it mean to ascend into the 5D. No it does not mean that you are going to actually leave your physical body to travel to another dimension. You will stay in your life and on this Earth.  So relax. It’s a good thing. It’s a great thing. 

In 5D we are aware of how connected we all are. We have a deep understanding of the fact that we are made up of energy and that our cells vibrate at a frequency.

We live with the knowing that our thoughts matter and that we have the ultimate ability to manifest and create everything of our wildest desires. Interestingly, in 5D reality we do not crave or desire as much in the physical sense.

When we do want something it is usually because it will bring joy, not just because we are keeping up with the guy next door (so-to-speak). We do not get satisfaction solely from having or attaining things… we feel satisfied and happy and then things come. 

We can shift between dimensions

Ok with all that said. You must know we don’t live consistently in one reality. We may go back and forth… from 3rd to 4th to 5th… but once in the 5th dimension it is difficult to go back to 3rd dimension. You are simply too aware. 

There is nothing to fear here with the idea of assenting to the 5d. At the risk of sounding cliché and when one considers what is to fear, it is “the unknown “ that most may site this as scary. But really, you must travel into the unkown in order to discover. 

Enter the unknown without expectation. 

Enter this new consciousness with faith and love and excitement for the best possibility of what may be waiting for you.

We are Pure Energy 

Your entire body is made up of tiny particles that have both physical and non-physical aspects. Just like Max Plank discovered when he studied the energy of quantum particle, each particle of energy existed in a little packet or quanta. He proved that these Particles, the stuff we are made from has both characteristics of a wave and a particle. 

For an article all about the law of attraction and related concepts click here.

What this means is that we too, since we are made up of these same particles, have both psychical particle properties and non-physical or wave properties. Now, with that being said, as we enter into the 5D, we become more associated and characteristic of our wave aspects. We are more wave than particle when in 5D.

We can move easily between dimensional consciousness,  raise our vibration, manifest, control our emotions and we no longer are lead by the EGO.

In the 5D you are pure love and pure energy. 

To more easily ascend to 5D you must protect your energy. Be conscious of what you expose yourself to. 


According to,
“One could say this shift is like a massive update to your entire operating system. It’s like upgrading from Human Consciousness 3.0 to Galactic Consciousness 12.0.”

I love this. It is a basic way of saying that we will expeience an upgrade or heightening that will allow for better connection to our spiritual selves and to the collective consciousness.

According to here are
Here are The 7 Signs That You Are Starting To Live In The 5th Dimension

1. Daily life will be bubbling more often with feelings of great joy, lightness, love, and wonder.
2. Heavy negative issues you’re carrying will release easier and move through you more quickly.
3. You will physically experience the world as being more beautiful with your senses.
4. Time will feel fluid, eternal and illusory.
5. You’ll constantly have unexplainable synchronistic experiences and “miraculous” manifestations will happen regularly.
6. You will know and feel divinely guided by something higher than your own mind/imagination.
7. You can access the miraculous powers of your true multi-dimensional body.

I have included a link in the description to and all of the info that they offer about ascension.

Thank you for watching this video. If you found it interesting please give me a thumbs up. My next video will be delving deep into the experiences of some who have already experienced much of this ascension to 5d.

Here is a link to a quiz that will help you to see which level of consciousness you are at now. Although, if you are watching this, you will likely find that you are in 4d or even 5d reality.

Here is my related video on this topic. Please enjoy. Feel free to leave any comments or questions.

Thank you so much for reading. I’m grateful for each and every one of you. See that little button with the thumb? Click it. I hear it gives you good luck. Love you all, have a great day and Eh! Be positive. 

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