Are Your Children Home with You this Summer?


As a teacher and as a mother of two small children I should have very conflicting ideas about the end of the school year. As a teacher, I am elated to get to the time of year where the intensity dies down. The marking of assignments and assessments comes to a halt and final grades are mailed out. The halls are quiet and the preparation for next year begins. What a wonderful and peaceful time. The students are also very happy and excited which is so nice to see, as teens at times can be ‘too cool to get excited’.  Then, on the flip side, the same school year ending applies to my two babies. Jacob (8) is home with me every day and Matthew (5) is also there to annoy Jacob around every corner, every day, all the time. That is ok. I am actually really looking forward to the extra time that I will spend with my boys. When Jacob was born I experienced a moderate to severe case of postpartum anxiety. It came along with a great fear of losing him, a realization of how different my life now would be and a whole whack of physical symptoms. None of this was fun.  I have been dealing with this anxiety for 8 years now. I can proudly say that I, for the most part, have it under control. It took a lot of work, but nothing worthwhile comes without the dreaded 4-letter word (WORK)…or so they say.

To keep a very long story short,

I got a second chance at motherhood when I had my second son, Matthew. He was much more mild tempered and calm than Jacob. I managed without having any panic attacks or bouts of vertigo. Success! At some point when Jacob started Kindergarten, I realized how much I missed having the two around the house. I missed leisurely waking up and cuddling in their beds.  I missed going to the park with the large wagon. I missed sitting together on the floor, Jacob, Matthew and I, playing Lego for hours. It was one of our favourite things to do. No TV, no iPad, no electronics, just Lego. I went back to work, Jacob went to Jr. kindergarten and Matthew started daycare. It was such a difficult shift. I went from being a happy stay-at-home mom to busy-all-the-time-working-mom. It was not a transition that came easily or naturally. Fast-forward 4 years. Matthew is now 5. He will be starting Senior Kindergarten in September. Jacob is going into grade 3. I appreciate the money that will not be spent on daycare fees, but I definitely see things changing quickly. The summers are my saving grace. They are my time. They are my time to once again be a stay-at-home mom.

Now, I can start dreading the much-hated Back-to-school school supply commercials.


  1. Getting to Slow Down. We rush around for 10 months and then we slow down for 2. Thank goodness that we get this two months to slow down or we would see a lot of burnt our teacher/parents roaming the streets like well-dressed educated zombies. Drop the insane minute by minute routine, at least for a few weeks. Everyone needs to relax, breathe and slow down
  2. I Get to Be their Teacher. I finally get to be the one that teaches them the things that they want to learn and know about. I can take them on ‘field trips’ and to the library to enrich their lives. It feels great when they go back to school in September and the teacher is impressed with their new found knowledge of caterpillars or rainbows or whatever your child is in to.
  3. A break from packing and preparing lunches. With the kids home I can give them a warm lunch and prepare as I go. Planning ahead is great but it also creates one more task to do before bed. Being able to forgo this task allows me more time to be with the boys, with my husband or for myself.
  4. Playdates. I love playdates. I make sure that the majority of the playdates are planned with children that my kids like and get along with and with parents that I am actually friends with. It is a win-win!
  5. Catching up on daytime TV. Being home means being able to stay in some days. I used to love watching daytime television. Some of my favourites were Soaps like Days of Our Live or talk shows like Rachel Ray. The boys do not particularly care for these but it is easy enough to get them engaged in an activity that they love while I do what I love.
  6. Take the boys on Visits. I can finally take the boys on all of the visits that we always promise that we will make, but are too busy to go on. There are aunts and uncles, cousins, Nonna, and family friends, all who Jacob and Matthew have not seen since Christmas.
  7. Appointments. I can schedule all of the appointments that work and school get in the way of. I can take them to:

a) The dentist. It is easy to get daytime appointments as many people are indeed at work

b) Yearly Physicals

c) Specialists. Matthew and Jacob both have Familial Hyperlipidemia. This requires about 4 specialist appointments per year. We can go to special events that are during the day;

8. We can go to special events that are during the day; free giveaways at stores to the first 100 customers, concerts and shows, street events etc.

9. We can take the boys on a vacation or even a day trip.Sleeping in. It may be only 1 time per week that both boys actually stay asleep past 8:00 or 9:00am but it will inevitably happy a few times. How wonderful is this? PRICELESS!

Can you think of any other benefits to having the kids home during the summer? Let us know!

We hope you have some relaxation planned for this summer. We all deserve a little time to unwind and recharge. Take some time for you and remember…

Eh! Be Positive…

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