Boxing your Way Through The Day (of Deals)…

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Boxing Day sales – A bunch of great steals or just a load of crappy deals? We are consumers, yes… and we all admit that Christmas has become very consumeristic… is that a word? I digress. But is “Boxing Day” a real day of deals or a giant scam? Well, whatever the answer is, there will be black-Friday-esque shopping madness in all the shopping malls. People wait for this particular day to shop for certain items. But… are all items a good deal? Don’t fall for the tricks that stores use to get you to buy… right now. 

5 Tricks That Stores Use To Get You To Buy Today… on Boxing Day ! 

  • Limited supply…and other catchphrases that trick you into thinking that this is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity. Other phrases used include; ‘Fire Sale’, ‘Sale ends in X-minutes’, ‘Tomorrow will be too late’, ‘Last Chance Sale’, ‘Going Fast’, ‘Get them before they’re gone!’, ‘In-Store Only’, ‘For First 50 Customers Only’, ‘Door Crashers’ …these are all pressure tactics.
  • “Special Sales” or VIP Sales. These are often false advertising…or close to it. There is a price pattern or system. The prices are ‘Regular’ until Black Friday. There is usually some indication of limited supply. Three weeks before Christmas the prices go back up to the “Regular” price. About a week later the prices go down for a “Christmas Sale” then back up… to milk the last-minute shoppers who are often desperate. Then the Boxing Day sale brings prices to the same price from the Christmas Sale. This is a specific formula.
  • Bait and switch, or just bait. You are looking at the flier and you see an item that you must own. This great deal lures you in. Little did you know that each store only had 3. But, to your amazement, they have a whole bunch of the slightly more expensive model. How convenient.  
  • Keep the doors barely open, with security guards and long line. This creates a sense of FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. If this store can attract such a ruckus, then there must be something amazing to see. The security gives a sense of there being “expensive merchandise”. Do not fall for this. If you would normally walk right by this place, do not let a line up make you change your behaviour.
  • Place small, inexpensive items right by the cash. These are placed strategically as a form of a small up-sell. Again, the list comes in handy at this point. Stick to the list. Keep it in your hand.

Ok so now you have decided to go shopping. You are daring to venture out into the crazy clearance sale blitz. You now know the tricks that retailers use. you are not going to be manipulated. You are a brave one indeed. Ok, so here are some rules to help your trip lead to serious deal finding and no brutal breakdowns. 

Careful. Not eveything is as good a sale as it may seem.

5 Rules for Boxing Day Shopping Success. 

  1. Have a list and stick to it. Make sure the list is specific and organized… Include the stores to visit, the item specifications and the price point.
  2. Go early or don’t go at all. Go 30 minutes before the store or mall opens. This will assist in finding parking, door crasher deals and crowds will be minimized.
  3. Leave your coat in the car. Crowds create body heat. Carrying your coat will feel cumbersome and it may cause you to make a bad decision in order to hasten the trip.
  4. Look it up before you buy. Once you find the item that you want, look it up on your phone. See if it is indeed a good deal.
  5. Stay at home and order online. Shopping Boxing Day in your underwear at home is bliss. You can get many of the same deals at home as in the store. Some deals are actually better. Be sure to look up coupon or discount codes before checkout.
Even Peppa Pig and her family love to shop…just not on Boxing Day.

Ok.. you are equipped with a list. You have plotted out the best place to park for easy entrance and exit from a potentially packed parking lot. You have set your alarm for bright and early and your phone is fully charged for deal surfing before purchase…now 2 top-5 lists to help you more easily discriminate the food deals from the frugal flops;

5 Things People Buy on Boxing Day … That is a Good Deal

  • Cell phones (on a contract) 
  • Tablets – new, used, refurbished .. they are all on super sale 
  • Winter coats and boots 
  • Christmas decorations, sweaters, ornaments and 
  • Novelty items from last season (Disney, toys, lego sets etc) 

5 things people gets scammed on, on Boxing Day… and is not a good deal 

  • Desktop computers 
  • Televisions sets 
  • Clothing that is not seasonal- athletic shoes, pyjamas 
  • Licences athletic wear and jerseys 
  • Flowers and consumables 
Some deals are actually amazing!

Ok everyone if you’re not heading out for Boxing Day, keep in mind that Boxing Day usually extends to boxing week. Oh and if there is something that you wanted and you didn’t get it from Santa, try asking for it for Valentine’s Day, then Easter, your birthday, st. Patrick’s day and every other holiday that you can think of. Best of luck sale slayers! Let us know how it goes! Have a great week and Eh! Be Positive. 

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