Christmas Here, Christmas There

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Christmas Everywhere!

See our “5 Days of Giving” blogs from 2017. Each day was dedicated to giving in a different way.

Day 1 – Click here for our blog on Donating Non-perishable foods.

Day 2 – Click here for our blog on leaving random happy messages or notes for strangers or friends. 

Day 3 – Click here for our blog on donating blood. There are many car accidents at this time of year. Unfortunately, the blood bank often runs our of the rare blood types. 

Day 4 – Click here for our blog on donating lightly used clothing. 

Day 5 – Click here for our blog on giving LOVE. Love is the single most important gift that you can give or receive. 

Image of family at christmas
Jacob and Matthew in 2013 with their Aunt Cristina.

All Things Christmas..all week!

All week we will be focusing on all things Christmas. So, the question stands, what does this mean to you? We see, from the blog links above, that Christmas involves many types of giving, but it can also involve a lot of stress and anxiety.  Christmas can bring out feelings in people that they have been burying deep down. When a family does not have a lot of money, it can be disheartening to find that there is not enough money to provide one’s children with all of the items that he or she wants. There is always a toy that is the big thing of the year. Every child wants this item. Arnold Schwarzenegger showed us the pain some parents experience in trying to find that coveted item when the time is of the essence. 

All week we will be attempting to focus on all things Christmas and all things positive. We are all aware of the stresses involved with shopping and rushing and keeping up with the Joneses. Let’s all repeat this 10 times. 

“Christmas is about family spending time together. Christmas is about Love and Kindness. Christmas is about helping and giving and sharing. Christmas is a blessing. 

Shopping Stress…

How to have a stress-free shopping experience..even last minute.

  1. Make a list. Be as specific as possible. First, write down each person’s name that you are left to buy for. Beside their name write the gift you intend to buy. Write in the next column the store where it can be found. Format this list like a checklist.
  2. Shop online for anything that is available online. A lot can be delivered the following day, by Amazon Prime or other stores as well. 
  3. Go Alone or with a helper. Go alone if you are very efficient on your own. If you prefer to go with someone, bring someone whom you know will be an asset and a benefit to your shopping endeavors. 
  4. Map it out. Plan out where you will park, and the order of stores at which you will shop to find your items.  
  5. Keep it short. One hour to 90 minutes is ample for one shopping trip. Longer trips require bathroom trips, rests etc. 
  6. Bring refreshments. Staying hydrated is very important. Bring a bottle of water.
  7. Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards. When in doubt, buy a gift card. Everyone loves gift cards. They are also very easy to wrap.
  8. Breathe and remember that Christmas is about Family and Togetherness. Focus on the children’s’ gifts and the rest is secondary.

Click here for an article with an interesting perspective about the commercialism that Christmas has become. We all have to get back to the true purpose of Christmas. 

Weekly Challenge…

The Challenge, on this final week before Christmas, has 2 parts;

a) Post of photo of you and your family celebrating everything Christmas, or the holiday that you celebrate at this time of year…post this on the Eh! Be Positive Facebook group

b) Like and Share the Merry Christmas Post in the Eh! Be Positive    Facebook Page.Facebook Page.

Have a great week. Remember it is all about Christmas. Try to find time to take it all in; the lights, the sounds, the smells and of course the tastes! Take care of yourself and your families…and remember Eh! Be Positive. 

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