Twin Studies!

By Cara Spensieri and Lori Spensieri

We think that you will agree. Twins are a perfect tool for making comparisons for anything and everything. Stay tuned to find out more.

Introducing our all new Youtube Series. “Twin Studies” will have Episode 1 posted on September 1, 2019. We are in the midst of doing all the fun stuff associated with creating fun, interesting and informative videos for your enjoyment. Behind the scenes, there are many details that can be taken for granted. Not by us. We want to bring you quality content.

The Questions

As twins, we are compared almost constantly. This can be fun but it can also be stressful. It can also be very repetitive. At this point, we have answers rehearsed from being asked so many times. Here are the most common questions we are asked, not in any particular order.

  1. Who is older?
  2. Who is the favourite?
  3. Who is smarter/taller/thinner/prettier?

Being compared constantly by everyone can cause some serious issues in self-esteem. Being “the quiet one” can be a daunting title. No two people should be lined up side by side in order to compare. This is what people do. They say, “Stand side by side, let me look at you.” We are asked to both smile, etc. Now how can we use this to create a series is a relevant content that will help you? Well, Cara and Lori have well-established differences, although they are similar enough to see eye-to-eye.

Their Differences

**Image to be added**

The Premise!

Cara and Lori will be using their ‘Twin-ness’ in order to compare a variety of products, DIY’s, recipes and other forms of media. Some of the comparisons will include segments such as the following:

  • High priced items vs. Discount items (frivalous vs. frugality)
  • 2 Ways to do one thing.
  • Organic fruit vs. Non-organic.
  • Diet products vs. Regular products.
  • Beauty at home vs. Beauty in the salon.
  • A cartoon version of a film vs. Live Action version of a film.
  • Different Actors playing the same role.
We will NOT be comparing large farming machines, although we will compare eveyrthing else.

We welcome all suggestions and requests.

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