Lego is the Secret to Happiness! See why.

Lego is the key to happiness. Lego makes you happy. Lego is good for adults too
Matthew and Jacob Minicucci posting playfully with a lego creation that they just finished building.
This is a picture of happiness.

By Lori Spensieri

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We are adults, indeed, but this is not a punishment. Being an adult is a reward for having endured all the trials and tribulations taht childhood and adolescents brings. Being silly and seeing thigns from a child’s point of view, now and then, can have tremendous benefits for our mental state.

Here are the top 5 Children’s toys and games that can improve your mood and actually make you feel happier.

5. Lego

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There are so many positive emotions that can be linked to the use of the popular children’s building bricks called Lego. To begin with, each Lego set is like 2 toys in one. The first is a buid that includes all the pieces and instructions. The step-by-step directions are very clear and easy to follow, expecially if you one follows the age-guidelines provided. The second toy that you are buying when you puraches a lego set is a set of random pieces that can be assembled in any way that your munchkin’s mind can muster. Of course the same goes for you.

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A litte creativity goes a long way, in mindfullness. When creating something, we are distracted from thoughts and worries. We are tapping into the part of our brans that we do not use much as adults; the side that wants to create…for the sake of it.

Adults can find themsleves frustrated as one’s child screams when he or she can not find a certain, very tiny, piece. This may be true, althoguh teh sense of satisfaction when the building set is complete. It is hard to compare to anything in adult life. It is like, habving that report ready and on your bosses desk, only the report is awesome and fun and it can be taken apart to make new reports. You know what I mean.

4. Cabbage Patch Dolls

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Cabbage patch dolls, whether you love them or hate them, are a thing from all of our pasts. We all hear the story of our parents waiting in line for hours at Consumers to buy one of these hard-headed bean bags. Well there are some benefits to having one of these. Let me explan.


Having a doll, and treating it like a child or baby (doing it’s voice, pretending it is a child, or changing it’s diager) can be very therapeutic. It can mimic the feeling of taking care of a child and the bonding assciated. Some of the feel-good hormones can be released icnluding seratonic and even small spurts of adrenaline.

3. Wooden Toys

Do you remember playing with wooden toys as a kid? There is a large-scale nostalgia associated with playing with wooden toys. There was a phase in holiwood for a while where all the rich celebrities were buing their children simple, battery-free toys. It all started with Sophie the Giraffe. It was a $25.00 chew toy for babies essentially. Now, instead of rubber, its wood. There are some major benefits to playing with wooden toys. Here goes:

Melissa and Doug

a) the material of wood is from nature. Playing wiht, and handling anything made from wood can help stabliize your mood and help you to feel grounded. Do you ever notice that construction workers, carbenters and builders, who build with wood seem a little more down-to-earth and grounded. Well they literally are.

Melissa and Doug

França Games

b) wooden toys require no batters, for the most part. This toy will not suddenly break or shut down due to the power being all used up. You will not find yourself tethered to the wall, or desperately looking for a plug.

2. The Nintendo Mini System

It is tiny and cute and it looks just like original nintendo only about one fourth the size. It holds a whole wack of games. It is amazing. I found myslef waiting outside of BestBuy for 2 hours on the say of it’s release. It was worth it. The look on my kid’s faces when I walked ino the hosue iwth bag-in-hand. I had wanted to save it for Christmas, but that was not going to happen.

After setting it up (which was very easy), playing it was very rewarding. We got to show our two chidlren what video games we were stuck with when we were kids. It hopefully put thing into perspective. They seemed to enjoy the 2D view of Mario as opposed to the Mario 3D World. The games that we played had very clear goals and the next step to take was always very obvious.


Other enjoyable qualities include:

  • It is rather light and portable.
  • No need to purchase games. It is all loaded up and ready to go.
  • It has so much variety in the games that it can keep even the most avid gamer happy for hours.

1. Jumpy-castles and other inflatables

Jumping around and being silly, playing tag and wrestling. This is all great exercise and it is a great way to burn off some steam. When you sweat you shed toxin. As well, try to play with kids without laughing. The laughter is a great treatment for any negativity that attempts to enter one’s life.


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For more information and details about the benefits and importance of play for adults, click here for an article by PsychCentral.

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