Limiting Beliefs.

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What are they? How to identify your limiting beliefs. How to squash them.

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I realized that I did not see myself as worthy. Now I do!

By Lori Spensieri

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Hello Positive Peeps!

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What is a limiting Belief?

A limiting belief is a deep seeded belief that you have, about yourself. You may or may not realize that this belief exists. These beliefs are kep in the subconscious mind, outside of conscious awareness. This is why these beliefs can have a profoundly negative affect on us, for a long, without us realizing its is happening.

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Then evidence of the presence of the belief is in the results that one experiences.

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Common Limiting Beliefs

According to…The 10 most common limiting beliefs are…

  1. I am too old (to do xyz…)
  2. I am not smart enough.
  3. I am not educated enough.
  4. I am afraid of trying and failing.
  5. You have to have money to make money.
  6. I have already tried everything.
  7. It’s selfish of me to want more.
  8. I do not feel that I really deserve it.
  9. I do not have the will power.
  10. All the good ones are taken (person or other)

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How to Identify your Limiting Beliefs

a man in a dress shirt and slacks. he has a ball and chain. it says limiting beliefs
Your limiting beliefs are holding you back.

Your limiting beliefs have a major impact on your life. This is why it is so important that we notice them, identify exactly what the detaisl are, and then finally, we squash the beliefs that are holding us back.

Some questions that you can ask yourself in order to identify you limiting beliefs….

  1. What patterns (including thought patterns) are you experiencing inyour life repeatedly?
  2. Do I say phrases that my be limiting? We must be careful about what we say and how we say it. Do you say any of the following: “Oh yes, that sounds like a mistake I would make.” or “I am so silly and forgetful” or “Money doesn’t gow on trees.”
  3. What are your fears?

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The Tools…

Click here for a worksheet … that will help you to identify all of the beliefs that you have about yourelf. The things you believe to be true about yourself easily follow the iceberg analogy. You are aware of some of the beliefs that you hold…but there are many beliefs that are hidden deep under the water.

An iceberg. It demonstrates our limiting beliefs that exist in the subconscous mind where we do not have access to them

These are held in your subconscious mind. They do have control over your behavioiurs. This is a bonus. Our reactions and behaviour and even our thoughts give us clues to what our overall limiting beliefs really are.

Some of the beliefs we hold about ourselves are helpful in nature. They make us feel confidence and empowed. Examples:

“I am beautiful”

“I am very strong and capable”

“I am a great decision-maker and problem-solver”

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Some of the beliefs we hold are hurting us. These are called limiting beliefs. Examples include:

“I am terrible with money and I never have any”

“I am not deserving of a loving relationship”

“I am too old and tired to try new things”

A hot air balloon that is red, being weighed down by an large anchor
Do not let a limiting belief achor you to results that you do not want.

You believe things about yourself that are both positive and negative at the same time.

Use this tool here that I put together. It will assist you in identifying your beliefs about yourself. You will also be prompted to classify each as helpful or hurtful.

Beliefs about the World

Quote by Louise Hay. black font, blue strip at top and bottom. quote says about limiting beliefs

We can also harbour limiting beliefs about the world and the universe. One should be reminding oneself daily of the helpful and kind nature of the universe. A great affirmation to use is:

“The universe is conspiring in my favour”

“I live in a friendly universe”

Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Man using scissors to remove the word can't to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and  motivation
You can do it. Just believe it to be true.

Click here for the printable that will help you to finally and once and for all, clear these limiting beliefs. It will allow you to discard the beliefs that are holding you back. The limiting beliefs will be replaced with helpful beliefs about yourself.

Why Do People Fail at Clearing Limiting Beliefs?

The truth is, some people do fail at clearing their limiting beliefs. The level of success that you have is directily correlated with the amound of desire that have in building yourself up and being as happy as you can be. You have to fully dedicate yourself to clearning each limiting belief. You must guard yourself tightly from negative thoughts. They are not serving you.

Your Ego created the limited belief to protect you. It is there for a reason. This is related to human defence mechanisms and the survival brain. You can still beat this. You must demonstrate to your ego that this belief (whatever it may be) is no longer serving you. You must show the ego that the belief is not accurate anymore. The way to do this is to provide the ego with a more accurate belief. This is were the magic happens.

Replacing Limiting Beliefs

Stay positive. All about limiting beliefs
Ensure that every thought that you entertain is helping you. Otherwise it is hurting you.

(old) I am not good with money ->(new) I am learning every day about managing money

(old) I will always be overweight -> (new) I am strong and I can lose weight by eating right and exercing

(old) No one likes me -> (new) People like me and I like myself

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