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By Lori Spensieri

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It was 6 years ago. My little matthew was getting baptised. His future God-Mother was owed a gift. She had already been such a wonderful, supportive and loving aunt to Jacob, she was already the perfect person to be the God Mother. She knew exactly what she wanted; A Links of London bracelet.

My husband went to the buy the bracelet. When he brought it home, I carefully inspected it. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Upon opening it, I put it on my wrist. It fit perfectly and I was sold.

Links of London has so many cute bracelets for any occasion; from casual to wedding-worthy. they have something “She” will love. Below I have listed my top my favourite bracelets at Links of London. Being kind and supporting is best way to show gratitude to your significant other. Click here for an article about gratitude.

Before I get to my List of “My Top 5 Favourite Bracelets by Links of London”, I thought I would share with you an article in Psychology today. It is titled “6 Reasons Gift-Giving Men are Good Lovers”. Very enlightening and somewhat eye-opening as well. Leave your feedback.

Links of London CA

My top 5 favourite bracelets at Links of London are:

5) Sterling Silver & Emerald Green Mini Friendship Bracelet

This bracelet is so cool. Macrame and metalic beads. Everyone should have this in their jewerly box. It is reminescent of the old frienship bracelet style. Its length is adjustable easil by pulling the rope from both sides. It comes in various colours! See the Links of London Link for more.

3) Sweetie Rhodium Plated

Did you know that rhodium repels rust. Links of London treats their jewerly to repel the effects of oxidation althogh over time dullness can occurr. You do not have to worry at all in this case. I love the look of this bracelet. It is a little edgier and suits a darker style. Black is the new black.

Links of London CA

3) Ascot Sterling Silver Horseshoe Clasp Bangle

I love the shimplicity of this one. If you prefer a bangle style bracelet this one is for you. This bracelet can be worn either casually or it can be dressed up.

Links of London CA

2) Hope Sterling Silver Bracelet

This bracelet is so elegant and simple. The slight tear-shape is subtle yet still unique. It is always nice to be wear a piece of jewelry that gets noticed, for its elegance rather than its over-the-top bling. This bracelet is also adjustable so that you can tighten it if you have tiny wrists. If you prefer to waear this as an ankle bracelet you can put it on the longer link.

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1)Ascot Sterling Silver Sweetie Charm Bracelet

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This is the classic simple charm bracelet. One may think that the closely placed links may pink or pulll on arm hairs although this is not the case. It sits nicey on my wrist on its own or it can cmplement another silver tone bracelet.

This bracelet makes a great gift for any girl; as a stand alone gift or with a charm or two. Imagine starting a stradition where you can buy her a charm each year, based on a meaningful memory from the previous year. Such a lovely thought. Speaking of love, click here for an article about love.

Links of London CA

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