Spoil Your Senses (Pt.2)

Here are the 25 ways to spoil your senses. Try one or more each day in order to create more happiness in your life. Some sights, sounds, tastes, smells and sensations are universally known to make people feel good. Other ways to stimulate your senses do exist although these will be more specific to your individual preferences. 

Looking at a beautiful sight such as this can reduce anxiety and improve the mood. 


  • Take time to enjoy a sunset or sunrise..and the colourful sky that comes with it. The same happy emotions can be generated by looking at other sights from nature like; flowers, a rainbow or freshly fallen snow. 
  • Images of kittens and puppies and other baby animals.
  • Men and women that you find attractive.
  • Look at anything that is your favourite colour. If you do not have a favourite colour, try looking at calming colours like pastels, cool colours (blue and purple) or a colour that you associate with a happy memory.
  • Keep your home tidy and free of clutter. Spaces with too many closely placed pieces of furnture or walls with dozens of pictures can be visually overwhelming. Opt for minimalist and simple for the most calming results. 
Certain sounds and songs can trigger happy memories. For more information on the relationship between music and memory click HERE. 


  • Listen to the sounds of nature; waves, the wind, rain falling, or birds.
  • Listen to instrumental music.
  • Listen to songs with harmonizing singers. 
  • Listen to a guided meditation. 
  • Listen to music or a song with which you have a positive association or memory.


  • Use a heating pad or icy-cold products on sore muscles and joints.
  • Take a warm bath to relax, even if you do not have sore muscles. 
  • wear something very soft – Marino wool, cashmere or silk. Put satin sheets on your bed. 
  • Squish moon sand between your fingers or use a stress ball. 
  • Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage.


Can you imagine the smell of this fresh hot pizza!
  • Bake cookies or other baked goods. They will fill the kitchen and the entire house with sinful scents. 
  • Spray some of your favourite cologne or perfume on your sleeve. 
  • The smell of fresh ground coffee calms the nerves. 
  • Essential oils and a defuser  – Use a favourite scent or a scent that promotes calm and reduced anxiety. Some calming options include; orange, lavender and peppermint.  
  • Smell something that is associated with a happy memory. Click HERE for an article that discusses the link between smell and memory. 


  • Favourite food. The flavour of your favourite food can release happy chemicals in your brain. 
  • The sheer taste of coffee can stimulate the parts of your brain that make you feel energetic and awake. 
  • Comfort foods help to calm the frazzled nerves. Each person has their own comfort food. It may or may not be associated with something that was served to you when you were young, by an adult who cared. 
  • There are certain tastes that are associated with happy memories, perhaps a food item served at one’s wedding. 
  • Spoil your senses with a food that has a very intense flavour. If you like chocolate, try something with double chocolate. If you like salty foods, go for something very salty like olives, parmigiana cheese or anchovies. 

It is time for the weekly challenge!

How would you describe this delicious steak dinner? Use all 5 sense. 

The Challenge

Use all 5 senses to describe what you see in the photo of a steak dinner. 

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Eh! Be Positive!!

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