“30 Day Happiness Challenge”

The Big Challenge - 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Join our “30 Day Happiness Challenge”. One lucky winner will get the coveted prize! All you have to do is click on the link to follow us on any of our social media platforms.

10 Ways to Say “NO!”

by Lori Spensieri **Disclaimer. There may be affiliate links within this article. This means that there may be advertisement links, when clicked and a purchase is made, I may attain a commission at no cost to the reader** Life is busy. We all have people to care for, tasks to complete, jobs to do and personal goals to work toward. It is not uncommon to find yourself being asked for help. Some very common requests from others include; A loan of money. To borrow something that you own (folding table,…

Loneliness! A Startling New Epidemic, and what to do about it!

By Lori Spensieri Part 1 – All About Loneliness What is loneliness? Well, how does one define something that is so personal and subjective? Are some people simply destined to feel lonely for their entire lives? I have felt lonely on and off for my entire life. Check out my introspective book of poems that demonstate my perosnal experience with feeling lilke i do not fit in anywhere, my diagnosis of social anxiety and my intense need to belong.  It started in high school. At some point in my third year…

The Positive Twist

The Positive Twist, week 2, ways to become happier

“30 Days to Happy”is a 30-Day program that will teach the reader multiple tailored strategies. Each day for 30 days, the reader will complete a performance-based task. This is day 2 of the 30 days.

Week 1: What Makes You Happy?

Disclaimer – There are affiliate links in this blog post. This means that if the reader clicks on a link and makes a purchase, I may be given a small commission. There is no charge to the reader. What is Happiness to you? Click here for our previous blog posts about finding happiness. Being on a long awaited vacation with people you love. Relaxing comfortably with your eyes closed, in a beautiful ski lodge in front of a crackling fire. Carefree shopping with your best friends, with no spending limit,…