The Law of Attraction Works!

cover image with Lori Spensieri. It says The law of attraction works. I give 5 stories of when the law of attraction worked for me

Story Time with Lori! By Lori Spensieri ***Disclaimer – This blog article may include links to services or products. When clicked and a purchase is made I receive a small commission at no cost to you *** My Personal Top 5 Stories of Law of Attraction Success! Hello Positive Peeps! It is me Lori, Your Positivity Princess. I am here spreading happiness and positivity. I would like to share with you 5 (or 6) times in my life when the law of attraction really showed up for me. For each…

Are you Ready to Enter into 5D Reality?

Are you ready to enter the 5th Dinension?

By Lori Spensieri Hello positive peeps! It’s Lori Here, your positivity princess.  I want to talk about something that is very popular right now. This is the new topic flooding the collective consciousness.  Noooo it’s not the dreaded negative virus bs… I’m talking about the massive movement of mankind toward a 5d reality.  I’m so excited to talk about this. Let’s start here… What is 5D? Well we should really start by talking about our current reality, the 3D reality.  This is the reality that most people live in.  The 3D…

“30 Day Happiness Challenge”

The Big Challenge - 30 Day Happiness Challenge

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