The Law of Attraction Alphabet

The Law of Attraction Alphabet

By Lori Spensieri ** Disclaimer – There may be affiliate links. This means that there may be links to products. If you click on these products and purchase, I may receive a small commission. This is no extra cost to you ** Then Law of attraction alphabet. Part 1. The law of attraction is one of the universal laws. Its states that we can create the life of our dreams by harnessing the power of our thoughts and emotions. All things are made up of energy and all things vibrate…

5 Gifts to Get Your Wife, girlfriend, fiance (or Even Your Mom)

….That she will actually like. By Lori Spensieri Love. Valentine’s Day is all about Love. It began in the year 496 with the initiation of the special day dedicated to love. Click here to see our article all about love. One} Something of interest to her. Everyone has a passion. Think of something that gets you excited, makes the hairs on your arms stand up. This year, buy her a gift that is something that she has been wanting. Think about what she talks about. What does she watch on…

Three Experiments with the Law of Attraction

…to help to prove to yourself that it really works! By Lori Spensieri ** This article may contain affiliate links. This means that there may be links on this page and when clicked, and if a purchase is made, I will receive a small commission. I have a Youtube channel called The Lori Show. I am here spreading positivity and helping other live their best life. Join me on my journey to riches. I will be using so many tips and tricks that I hve collected on my way to…

“30 Day Happiness Challenge”

The Big Challenge - 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Join our “30 Day Happiness Challenge”. One lucky winner will get the coveted prize! All you have to do is click on the link to follow us on any of our social media platforms.

10 Ways to Say “NO!”

Grumpy Cat saying no

by Lori Spensieri **Disclaimer. There may be affiliate links within this article. This means that there may be advertisement links, when clicked and a purchase is made, I may attain a commission at no cost to the reader** Life is busy. We all have people to care for, tasks to complete, jobs to do and personal goals to work toward. It is not uncommon to find yourself being asked for help. Some very common requests from others include; A loan of money. To borrow something that you own (folding table,…

Fear. Is it Normal?

Title image for fear, is it normal?

By Lori Spensieri **Affiliate link disclosure. There are links in this post that may lead to me acquiring a small commision. There is no cost to you as the reader** Fear is supoosed to be a good thing. It is actually designed to keep us humans safe and out of harms way. If you try to touch fire, you get burned. This in turn causes you to have a fear of fire, which will keep you from touching fire again. Fear can be a direct teacher or an indirect controller.…

Want to start a Blog?

cover image for starting a blog

5 steps to complete today if you are serious about starting a blog!! By Lori Speniseri ** There may be affiliate links in this blog. This means that if you use my link I may get a small commision ** Eh! Be Positive. When I started blogging I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea what niche in which I would find myself. I did not even really know what a niche was. I did what most people did. I googled, “How to start a blog”.…

Lego is the Secret to Happiness! See why.

Lego is the key to happiness. Lego makes you happy. Lego is good for adults too

By Lori Spensieri **This article contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and you make a purchase, I may receive a small commissions. There is no cost to you. ** We are adults, indeed, but this is not a punishment. Being an adult is a reward for having endured all the trials and tribulations taht childhood and adolescents brings. Being silly and seeing thigns from a child’s point of view, now and then, can have tremendous benefits for our mental state. Here are the top 5 Children’s toys…

Links of London You Will Love

Image is a cover photo for the links of london Blog

By Lori Spensieri *Disclaimer – There are affiliate link in this article. This means that there are product links and if you click one I may get a commision from any potiential sales. It was 6 years ago. My little matthew was getting baptised. His future God-Mother was owed a gift. She had already been such a wonderful, supportive and loving aunt to Jacob, she was already the perfect person to be the God Mother. She knew exactly what she wanted; A Links of London bracelet. My husband went to…

The All New Nintendo Switch Lite!

It is the big ticket item of 2019. The New Nintendo Switch Lite is coming out very soon. It will be available in stores on September 20th. How do you ensure that you one!