The 72-Hour Gratitude Challenge

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Another aweseome challenge! Let’s do this!

By Lori Spensieri

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Hello Positive Peeps!

It’s me Lori, your self-appointed Positivity Princess.
I am here spreading positivity and all things happy.

We all want to live a happy life. To have this you must have a high-vibration. What this means is that you must function, most of the time, from feeings of love and happiness. Often it is said to funtion at love and above. The best way to feel good is to be grateful. Show and feel gratitude. SO …

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Function at a frequency of Love and above for the happiest life. How do you do this? Always come from a place of gratitude.

This is what I did.

I decided to put myself of a 72 hour gratitude challenge.

I used five gratitude methods…like a gratitude-blitz of sorts. I am so excited to share with you the ultimate results.

Click here for the .pdf version of the Gratitude Tracking form.

These are my methods:

1) Strategy: Gratitude AM Prayer

This is the feeling of reaching a goal. Freedom and pride.

For this challenge you will begin your day in th most positive way possible; with a short positive gratitude prayer. What you do is wake up and reach right for the prayer. The prayer includes three elements.

a) Thank God that I had a lovely restful sleep.

b) Thank God for a new day with opportunities to make all of my dreams come true.

c) Thank God that all of the intention I set far the day will be complete.

Here it is…

My morning prayer written on red paper.
My Gratitude Prayer. I say this every single morning before starting my day.
This is a great example of a prayer jouranl. Prayer is full of graciousness. It shows the universe that you know what you have and that you appreciate it. Click the image to get a copy from Amazon.

2) Strategy: Gratitude Lists

Each day I created a gratitude list using 3 different methods. All three are from “The Last Law of Attraction Book That You Will Ever Need to Read” by Adrew Kapp. Click here for a copy.

These three methods are:

  1. The Gratitude blitz,
  2. Gratitude stacking,
  3. Time-lapsing.

Please grab a copy of his book or listen to it though audible. Click here. It s awesome…

Click here for a copy of the “Gratitude List” printable.

The simple way to do a gratitude list is to write 10 things that you are grateful for, daily. You can do this right after your gratitude prayer.

Click here for an article: How to write a Gratitude List.

Ok the next method I used daily is:

3)Strategy: Gratitude Meditation

For this I use Youtube premium and I listed to a 5 minute meditation for gratitude. I put the list to the one I used. You can use any you like. I chose this one because it is only 6 minutes.

Click Here for a blog post about meditation.

There are so many benefits to mediation. This article is not about listing the positive side effects although naming a few, will show you that it is worth a try.

  • lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • help regulate moods and emotions
  • reduce the occurrence and triggering of anxiety and depression
  • improve decision making
  • slow down the aging process

For the challenge, I will do a short meditation 3 times each day, although if you can fit in one mediation session, that is sufficient.

4) Strategy: Gratitude Journal

At this point in your Law of Attraction journey you have undoubtedly heard of the famous gratitude journal. The big question is, do you keep one? Do you write in a journal daily? Some people say, “Yes, I keep a journal. That is sufficient.” The truth is, if you keep a journal, or diary, you should still consider keeping a separate gratitude journal. Let me tell you why.

a gratitude journal.It is pink with white polka dots. it has s pen sitting on top
Start keeping a gratitude journal. It serves many purpose. One of which, is raising your vibration.

When you keep a regular journal or diary, it is often a place of purging or venting. We use this free writing as a place to clear our conscience.

I write freely about my feelings of gratitude. I write about things that happened that made me feel grateful. I write about the sensations. I collected gratitude quotes..and other things.

Click here for a Gratitude Journal template printable.

5) Strategy: Gratitude Scripting and the Accompanying Visualization

Last, but not least, I used ‘Gratitude Scripting and Visualization’ as a method to bring gratitude into my life.

Let me quickly explain each one in one sentence each. I will show you as well what each looks like.

Gratitude Scripting – Get a piece of paper, your laptop, or even the notes in your phone and write out a scenario that has either happened already or something that would be an ideal occurence. Make sure that it is something that would bring about positive feelings. Write out the details, including the input all 5 of your senses would experience. You can do this any time of day. Perhaps you should do this during the time of day that you most creative. You will likely know if you are a morning person or a night person. Strangely if you are a morning person, than the night is when you are more organically creative…and vice versa.

a person sitting and a step to visualizing.
If you can see it, you can have it.

Gratitude Visualization – The next step after you have scripted, is to visualize. The best time to do this is at night before you drift off to sleep. This involves following these simple steps:

a) Read your script that you created earlier. Make sure your goal, desire or wish is clear and fresh in your mind.

b) Do a short meditation to clear your mind. This can last 3-5 minutes. This will bring you to an Alpha state of consciousness. This is the gateway to the subconsious. This is a wonderful thing.

c) Lay down, and breathe a few deep cleansing breathes, through your heart and into your belly.

d) Picture in your mind, the exact thing that you scripted. See all of it. Where are you? What is the time of day. Who are you with? What are you doing? Make sure the setting is clear.

image of person meditation. It is animated. Looks like a connection to the universe law of attraction, techniques for gratitude.
VIsualization is very powerful.

e) Add off of the sensory information. What are the smells, tastes, textures, sounds and sights? You can get very detailed here.

f) Lastly, feel all of it. Feeling is the secret. Feel grateful, happy, relieved, joyful and successful. Go to sleep in this blissful state.

That’s it.

Ok So, here is my recording sheet. You can get this on my blog so that you can complete your own 72 hour Gratitude challenge.

Here is where I will post my completed sheet at the end of the 72 Hours.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading. Comment below a big idea that you are taking with you from the video. Did you have a favourite part? Please share. Or perhaps you have some other feedback. All of it is welcome.

I am grateful for you!

Thanks again! Have a wonderful day and Eh! Be positive. Kisses!

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