The Law of Attraction Alphabet

The Law of Attraction Alphabet
The Law of Attraction Alphabet
All the Law of Attraction Terms that you need, all in one place.

By Lori Spensieri

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Then Law of attraction alphabet. Part 1.

The law of attraction is one of the universal laws. Its states that we can create the life of our dreams by harnessing the power of our thoughts and emotions. All things are made up of energy and all things vibrate at certain frequencies. The law also states that like attracts like. If you want to attract some thing into your life you must match the vibration of that thing.

Here is a series of ideas and terms related to the law of attraction. This should help you to have a deeper understanding of the law of attraction and related concepts.

A Words!

Abraham Hicks is the spiritual being that comes through Ester hicks. Abraham shares knowledge of universal principles and the law of attraction.

We get into alignment with our desires by raising our energetic vibration by using affirmations. Affirmations are positive phrases that we repeat in order to impress them onto our subconscious. Positive affirmations have the power to create abundance if combined with inspired action. Ask for your desire. Believe that it is coming and act in such a way that will allow it to come to you.

B Words!

Beauty – Some use the law of attraction to achieve physical beauty or inner beauty. They use their intense and strong beliefs that they can create change.  One powerful step in manifesting is to be playful and be in the moment or simply just Be.

C Words!

There are two parts to the mind. There is the conscious part that we are aware of and that which we have immediate control over. Then there is the subconscious part that we do not have immediate control over, but we can use strategies to influence it. The subconscious mind is also where we are connected to the universe and to God. Crystals are a powerful tool for clearing negative energy and for healing. Crystals can also be used in Chakra clearing. The chakras as energy centres in the body. If you are experiencing certain problems in the body, becoming centred and clearing the chakras can have monumental effects.

D Words!

We are all connected to each other, to the earth and to god. This is based on a universal law called divine oneness. Different versions of yourself exist in different dimensions, To read different version of yourself you must adjust your frequency. A great place to start is by using deep belly breathing. Take each breath all the way down into your stomach. Be slow and intentional

E Words!

Energy and emotions. The law of attraction starts with energy. Everything is made of energy, including us. Our emotions are energy. E-motion is energy in motion. Emotions can be a reaction to a situation but once you are aware of the power of your emotions, you can learn to use them in your favour.

F Words!

Focus – When we are able to narrow in our attention onto one thing, person or goal. Focus allows for efficient manifesting.

Feeling – This word is used interchangeably with emotions. “Feeling is the secret” according to Neville Goddard.

Frequency – Each of our molecules is vibrating at a certain rate. This rate is referred to as frequency. The higher ones frequency the better.  

Happy face

G Words!

Gratitude – The feeling of being thankful something that you have or that you aspire to have. This is thought to be the most important emotion.

H Words!

Higher self, happiness. There is a version of you, called your higher self. This self is the version of you. The one that knows your calling, purpose and passion.

I Words!

Ideal version of me – All possible versions of us exist. The version of you that is most desired is considered ideal.

Inspiration – The feeling of being able or wanting to do something meaningful after witnessing something or learning something.

Influence – One person, place or thing having a direct effect on another.

J Words!

Joy – a feeling so overwhelming and unprecedented happiness that comes from either external stimulus or internal sources.

Journal – a book that one can record affirmation, scripts and other constructive recordings.

K Words!

Knowledge – the presence of information in one’s awareness. Knowledge is power but Napoleon Hill says that knowledge is not power, organized knowledge is power. What he meant is that specialized knowledge when organized…becomes coveting and valuable. One can write, record, teach and sell specialized organized knowledge.

L Words!

Law of attraction – the universal law that says that like/similar people, circumstances and things are attracted to each other. In this law, it says

Like attracts like –people, things and circumstances of similar vibration attract each other. Love is an emotion that exists at one of the highest vibrations. We should aspire to love ourselves, others and everything around us.

M Words!

Money – something that is a currency but really represents freedom. Money can be attracted to us like a magnet. A Magnet – a natural electric attraction between polar opposites. A powerful force that dictates much of our reality is Gravity. The mood is controlled by gravity and the moon controls the tides of the ocean.

The Moon – the celestial body that orbits the earth and has an energetic effect on us and the environment. Much of our bodies is made of water. That is why we can be affected by the phases of the mood. Meditation – the act of being mindful, clearing the mind and breathing deeply to reach a sense of calm. Meditation can help to have better control over our emotions, thoughts and states.

Magic – this is the act of using supernatural power in order to make impossible things happen. Some people liken the law of attraction to that of magic. Some things can be made to happen that seem impossible. Can you harness the power of magic to make your life more exciting and whimsical.

N Words!

Namaste – is a greeting that spiritual people use. Its translation is “I bow to the divine in you” When working on developing an ideal version of yourself, some use or take on a new name or spiritual name. This helps one to move into a new self.

O Words!

Optimism. The act of seeing the best possible outcome in a particular situation. To be optimistic, one is see potential for a best state or version of a person or a situation.  

P Words!

From young childhood we experience programming of the subconscious mind. This is done by parents, educators and society as a whole. This can be empowering or severely limiting. This can lead to a person not pursuing their passions for fear of not being good enough. This is the based on the law of polarity.  The law of polarity says that if one version of a situation can exist, that the polar opposite can too.  This is why we are able to find the positive in even the most negative of circumstances.

Q Words!

Quantum physics is the basis for the law of attraction. It explains the idea that we are all made from energy. In quantum theory there are rules that are different to that of classical physics. It is important to find quiet so that you can go inside…then create quiet there too. That’s were you can really find yourself.

R Words!

When manifesting something you must feel good. When you feel good, you are able to raise your vibration. You want to get your vibration so high that you resonate with the outcome that you want. Then once you know what you want, take inspired action and then release the outcome. Have complete faith that what you want is on its way.

S Words!

The secret is the law of attraction. Rhonda Byrnes wrote this book/film in 2007. It opened our eyes to the amazing power that we didn’t realize that we all have. She pointed out to us that we have a conscious and a subconscious mind. The conscious is the part that we have control over our thoughts. The subconscious mind is that part that we are unaware of. We hold beliefs there that are usually not serving us well. Using various strategies we can shift to a different, more positive way of thinking. We can become more connected to our spiritual side. The side of our existence that is not physical. The side that we take for granted.

More S-words

Sage – an herb with promising cleaning benefits

Spirit guide – A non-physical entity that leads us through subtle communication

Star seed – An individual who believes that they originated from another world. They have a purpose of spreading love and light.

T Words!

If you desire to transcend to the ideal version of yourself, you can use a method called: Two cups – A simple method of allowing a shift in reality, by transferring energy from one cup(reality) to a new more favourable cup (reality)

U Words!

Understanding – A state of knowing the reason behind our existence.

Universe – The omnipotent, omnipresent spiritual presence that makes up the collective consciousness

V Words!

Vibration – The state of being in constant movement. Each particle that we are made of is energy and energy vibrates. It vibrates at a frequency and the higerht he better. To attract what you want you msut find yourself vibrating at a high frequency. Then you must visualize your idea life, your ideal outcome.

Visualize – the act of using your imagination to picture an ideal version of your life or your future, using as much detail as possible.

Another law of attraction trick is to create a vision board –A visual representation of your goals for a certain time period. This tool hold so much value in manifesting the life of your dreams.

W Words!

Water – The molecular combination of hydrogen and oxygen. This is the required elixur of life. Water is something that we should show gratitude.

Write out your new story. When we script or write out our story this is the way to tell our subconscious when we really want…and how we want to feel.

X Words!

X-ray – The image of the skeletal system of the body, the ability to see through the surface. This idea can be used in any circumstance. To see through the surface situation to the blessing behind it.

Y Words!

Yoga – The ancient practice of holding certain poses in order to connect mind and body. This is recommended as a practice for each of us to practice daily.

Z Words!

Zero-Doubt – The state of have complete faith in oneself and ones ability to achieve or manifest something.

Thank you for checking out the “Law of Attraction Alphabet”. I sincerely hope that some of the concepts have been cleared up for you. Please leave a comment if any terms have been left out.

Please share with us your favourite part of the Law of Attraction.

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