The Law of Attraction Works!

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Story Time with Lori!

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The Law of Attraction Works.

By Lori Spensieri

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My Personal Top 5 Stories of Law of Attraction Success!

Hello Positive Peeps! It is me Lori, Your Positivity Princess.

I am here spreading happiness and positivity.

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Me spreading happiness and positivity.

I would like to share with you 5 (or 6) times in my life when the law of attraction really showed up for me.

For each example I share a story and I share the actual methods that I used to get there.

I am so excited to share these stories. See the Video below, and read the stories in detail below. I am so excited for you to be inspired and encouraged by my success stories.

Here goes:

1. How I manifested having my two boys.

It started back in 2007 when I got married. Mike and I knew we wanted kids. We did not know how many but we wanted more than one. He has a rare cholesterol condition so he was very hesitant to do anything (in the area of reproduction) so he insisted that we both be checked for genetic markers for the particular diseases. In partiular he wanted to see if I was a carrier for the condition that he has. He has familiar hyperlipidemia.

The blood tests came in and it turns out luckily I am not a carrier. Both of our boys do have the colesterol condition although in the recessive form. This means that they will not require invasive treatments but they will have uncharacteristially high cholesterol for their entire lives. It is a life of medicaiton.

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In 2008 I had a miscarriage. It was massively painful both mentally and physically. I can now look back and see that it happened for a reason but wow. It was very sad. The worst part, was telling my family and friends to whom I had already revealed my good news.

A very effective tool for manifestation

18 months later, I was pregnant again. It was a long 18 months but I was over the moon with happiness. In March 2010 I became a mom. He was a beautiful bouncing baby boy. 7lbs, 11 ounces. Perfect in my eyes. I was so in love with this kid.

In 2012 my husbands health was declining. We knew he was in for a long period of cardiac rehabilitation and perhaps even surgery so we decided it was time to go for number 2.

He was short of breath and not well but he insisted. So we made it happen. We conceived a second child, with one attempt. He is a miracle baby.

How did I manifest this scenario of having two boys. I used a few different methods.

A mom owl and w baby owls sitting on the moon.
This image was on my vision board. It represented my two boys that I would have.

First, I used a vision board. I had a picture of an owl with two baby owls, sitting on a branch. To me that represented me with my two boys, one day.

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2. I manifested having my lazy eye corrected.

My before and after pic of eye surgery. This demonstrates the change in my appearance.
Before and After my “Lazy Eye Correction” surgery. The doctor had said it could not be fixed.

That lazy eye had been a major area of contention for me my entire life. It had a very negative impact on my self esteem. I was asked so many times, “Are you looking at me?” I was very offended. I was trying to look at him or her, I just could not control the muscles in my eye.

I was born with crossed eyes. It was cute as a baby. My twin sister did not have the same problem. So, you can guess the method that people would use to distinguish the difference between the two of us. Lori; the one with the wonky eye. I heard worse ones too. There were some real zingers. They really hurt, to say the least.

I had a surgery when I was 3 years old, to have the cross-eye corrected. This lasted for a few years. The eye started to “wander” when I was perhaps, 10 years old. By grade 7, I had a second surgery. That lasted about 15 years. At my wedding, I told the photographers that she may need to be creative with the angles, as at that point the eye was beginning to be more noticable.

Having a lazy eye as a high school teacher was unbearable. At Christmas time, in 2017, I went to the eye doctor for a regular appointment. She measured the level of strabismus (how turned in the eye was). Without skipping a beat she pointed out that it can be fixed and she gave me a referral to see a specialist.

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I had the surgery 1 year later, during my Christmas holidays. It took about 3 weeks to heal, but after that, I could not stop staring at my new-found symmetry. I am so happy with the resutls. I knew I could have straight eyes. Now I do.

The method I used to achieve this goal was to use a form of memory editing where I would use photoshop to create an image of myself with perfectly straight eyes. I used the 2-cup method as well. Click here for an article about this methods.

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3. I manifested living near Canada’s Wonderland.

Canada’s Wonderland is a thrilling place to be. With rides, a water park and so much more.

Canada’s Wonderland is the Canadian version of Disney World or Disney Land, only with a little extra thrill. Every kid in Ontario dreams of being at Wonderland. It has huge roller coasters, a water park, live shows, arcades and all the classic rides that you find at the fair. The food too…so much to choose from.

spongebob and patrick on a roller coaster at the top. Demonstrates canadas wonderland
I wanted to live near Canada’s Wonderland. It represented fun and excitement to me. It still does.

As a kid many times I imagined or visualized living near Canada’s Wonderland. I could imagine being able to hear the people scream as they go down the steep tracks. I could smell the funnel cake cooking. It was clearly a very positive association.

As a kid I had decided that as an adult I woudl live close to Canada’s Wonderland. When I was in sixth grade I wrote a story about a girl named Lori (clearly it was me) and she lived right beside Canada’s Wonderland. She worked there. She ate her meals there. Her friends were all there. She wore the uniform daily. She loved it.

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The art of scripting made it so real. Now I do live beside Canada’s Wonderland. I get a seasons pass for us and the kids every single year. We eat the funnel cakes and I beg them to go on rides with me. One day they will, but for now, I will just bask in the idea that I got my wish!


4. I manifested being a teacher.

“You be the students and I will be the teacher”. I said this to my brother and sister just too many times to count. To become a teacher I just was a teacher.

Be-Do-Have. I decide to just be a teacher. I got rejected 4 times from 4 different teachers colleges before I almost decided to give up.

This is the feeling of reaching a goal. Freedom and pride.

I always loved the idea of being a teacher. To keep a long story a little less long, I will cut to part that is very cool. After high school finished, I went to University. I always knew that I was going to go to Post Secondary School. I knew I wanted to be a professional. I went through a few phases of wanting to be different things.

At one point I wanted to be an orthodontist. At one point I wanted to be a pediatrician. At one point I wanted to be a massage therapist, a psychologist, and an actress. I always called myself a Jack (or Jaqueline) of all trades. I am good a lot of things but great at…not a lot. I knew I could teach.

In fact, to become a teacher I just became a teacher. I taught swimming lessons. I taught lifesaving skills. I became an ESL teacher. I taught business English. I tutored math and english. I just did it. I wanted more thought. I knew I wanted to become a teacher.

This is how I felt when I was rejected for teachers college.

After university, I applied to a series of teacher education programs. I got rejected. The day I received the last rejected letter, I cried. I literally did not have a clue what job I would want to persue if not a teacher. My mother found me crying. She told me to call my friend Lilianna. She reminded me that when I speak to Lilianna, we always have a great time. She always cheers me up.

Cara and I at our Teacher’s College Graduation.

Lilianna told me she was going to a teachers college in Buffalo, New York. She said I should apply and come along with her. This program was designed for Canadian students wanting teacher education. It was so much synchronicity. I did not even realize how perfectly it all happened.

I am now a teacher. I have been for 13 years. I am working on my next steps in life, but for now I can rest happy knowing I was able to get where I wanted to get.

5. I manifested having my book professionally published.

Getting a book professionally published is no small feat. It takes a few key virtues. Patience and persistence are two of them. You will get rejected at least a few times. It is possible to be accepted by a publisher based on your first manuscript submission, although this is not very likely.

I would write every day.

I have been writing all of my life. I have written stories, poetry, jokes, children’s stories and a book called, “30 Days to a Happier You”. This book is a compillation of 10 years of research and dedication to the topic of happiness. What makes people happy? How can we harness that? What methods work for other people? Who are the happiest people in the world?

My twin sister and I put it all on paper. We put together 30 methods. We submitted our work to at least 15 publishers. When we started to get rejection letters we felt a little daunted. We decided to act on it by using some law of attraction tools. We both put “being a published author” on our vision boards. Every time I look at my vision board I feel the feelings that I will have once I have acheieved this goal once and for all.

Becoming a published author was and still is a burning desire for me.

About 2 days after adding “becoming a published author” to my vision board, I was at a local Chapters/Indigo store. I found myself at the “Self-help” book table. Right there I moved a few books and left a space for where my book will go.

Cara and Lori Spensieri. We are happy that we are getting published.
My twin sister Cara and I, smiling as we are about to be published authors!

Six days later I got an email that said that a publisher is happy to take on my book as one of its next projects. They sent over a contract. My sister and I were so elated. I felt like I should pinch myself.

We are still awaiting the actually printing of the book but we have been there for every step of the editing, layout, cover creation etc. We will keep you posted. Yay!

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6. I manifested being a largely successful YouTuber.

24 best law of attraction you tubers

I have a really cool personal statment. It states that I will reach millions of people with love and positvity. I want to have an impact on as many people as I can. I was not sure how I wanted to get there. I have a strong positive feeling that Youtube is one of my ways to reach these people.

I have “YOUTUBE sucess” on my vision board and I have scripted myself as a full-time Youtuber as well. I will publish this soon in a blog post. Stay tuned.

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I wrote a book. It is called 30 Days to a Happier You. I wrote it with my sister, Cara Spensieri. I like to use my learning from this process toward the videos that I create. My series on Youtube is called, “My Path to Riches”. On it I talk about I am using the law of attraction to take me along my path, that will eventually lead to my ultimate riches.

I enjoy making videos for Youtube. The entire process is fun. I love brainstorming ideas and follwoing my intuitive hunches…for direction. I write my scripts and record as best I can. I don’t have the best equipment but I will work my way up to that. I am learning at SEO and new Apps for editing.

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As I script myself as a successful youtuber I keep my vibration high. I know my world will take care of me.

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Thank you so much for reading this. I sincerely hope that you got some value from these examples and stories.

Have a lovely day and Eh! Be Positive.

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