Three Experiments with the Law of Attraction

…to help to prove to yourself that it really works!

Have Faith in the power that is the Law of Attraction

By Lori Spensieri

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Why would I do experiments with the Law of attractions?

Why would I do experiments with the Law of attractions?

Doesn’t this communicate to the universe that I don’t believe in the law of attraction? Well, Not really. At times it is difficult to believe in things that we can’t see. This would be a miracle of sorts. In essence, a quick demonstration to prove that miracles are possible happens every time you flick on a light switch. It’s a miracle that the light comes on. Think of the processes at work in this situation. I won’t go into the science of the hydro-electricity that makes the power, the power-grid that distributes it and the switch that controls it.

Another example…your cell phone, iPods, iPods etc.

This is a miracle. It is amazing that it works at all…let alone perfectly!

Do you remember inspector gadget.

His niece Penny, had a computerized book that she used to search for her uncles whereabouts, for maps, information etc. Essentially she had access to the internet well before anyone else.

These things are a miracles in essence. A flat touch screen device that has all of the knowledge of the world at your finger tips…a miracle.

One More Example.

One last example…is running water from the tap. So many people in the world have to travel distances with buckets to collect water from  river that may or may not be contaminated. To make it more miraculous, we have hot showers. Wow.

We are lucky to have electricity, computers, internet and wifi.

To really understand and appreciate the amenities that we have in the western world, watch an episode of ’90-Day Fiancé, The Other Way’.  It is an eye opening. I digress.

I have spoken about miracles. Now, the law of attraction is not a miracle. It is a law, a universal law. It is working with you or against you, depending on your thoughts, and attitude.

Many people say that they chose not to use the law of attraction because they don’t believe in it. Well in order to believe in it, you have to see it working for you. These re the “see it to believe it” people. That is ok. Empirical evidence is what the scientist in each of us needs.

Three Experiments to Try Today.

Here are 3 experiments that you can use in order to prove to yourself that you are a powerful ‘manifestor’ and that the Law of attraction is a legitimate tool that can be used in ones life for ones benefit.

Experiment #1 – Attract Something specific

Attract something specific by bringing it to mind and surrounding it with positive emotion.

I read about this experiment on another blogger’s website. The idea here is to think of something specific and see if you can notice how often you see it.

The suggested item was a Purple Volkswagen Jetta. You can use this idea. Or you can see how often you encounter a certain number or people with a certain name.

I have noticed that since I started looking for or paying attention for purple cars in general I see them everywhere, even though there aren’t too many of them out there.

Try it.

Experiment #2 – Think of a Friend.

When you think of that friend, they will likely text you, call you or you may bump into them. Pay attention.

Think of a friend before you go to sleep. Choose a friend that you have not heard from in a while. As you are drifting off think fondly. Think of their qualities. Imagine that you would potentially talk about. Then let it go. In the next few days you should see that person or hear about them or they may call you. Try it.

Experiment#3 – Treat people well.

Treat people well. Smile. Be kind.Be polite. Be the shining example.

Choose someone that you would like to foster a better relationship with. Each morning intent a better relationship. Be specific. Think about what needs repair. This could be a friend whom you have had a falling out with. This could b e a co-worker that you would like to have a better interactions with. Think fondly of them. When they are around you,  send them positive energy. Send them thoughts of love and light. Imagine them surrounded by white calming joyful light.

Witness your relationship improving every day.  

Share Your Success Stories!

I would love to hear about your success with these experiments or with any other experiments that you do associated with the Law of Attraction.

Share your success stories!

As you all may or may not know…I am on a journey to riches.  I have been studying the law of attraction and all of the tools and methods surrounding it. I am starting to feel differences in my life. I am starting to see differences in my life.  I have been using these experiments and other tools to help to increase my faith and strengthen my mind in believing in my abilities to manifest anything into my life that I desire.

If you are coming on this journey with me, create your own statement of desire. I have created a free worksheet for you to use. In order to access this free sheet, go to my website;

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That’s it for today my friends.

Thank you so much for reading. I am grateful for every single one of you who have been here with me on this journey so far. Remember the journey is a part of your life as well. It’s a part of your experience. It’s the part of your experience that makes up the majority of your time here. The journey definitely matters. The destination is secondary. Thank you for joining me on my spiritual and financial journey. In that regard, it’s our journey…together. My success is your success.

From a place of divine oneness and definite purpose, Namaste and have the most wonderful day of your human existence.

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