Week 13: Spoil Your Senses

Day 13- Spoil your Senses

If you have ever noticed, people who appear happy and charismatic seem to know themselves very well. They likely have a set of idiosyncrasies, nicknames, hobbies and qualities that clearly define themselves and their personality.

Have you ever spoken to someone, and asked them what they did on the weekend, and they began to delve into an adventure that would mesmerise Conan the Barbarian?

Now, have you ever spoken to someone, and asked them what they did on the weekend and they say…”Nothing!”. Wow. I sure am glad that I engaged that person in conversation. Really, the happier people generally have themselves better figured out, and immerse themselves deeply into the things, people, activities, music and hobbies that they enjoy and love. These people seem to have an exciting life, mostly because they are excited about it. You can be excited about your life too.

This is what today’s challenge is all about, figuring yourself out. Who is this person I call me? Take a moment and think about what really makes you tick.

Click here for the Spoil your Senses Chart.

The challenge this week is to post a photo or collage of all of your favourite things, people and places. Use the #knowyourself. You can also use the “Spoil Your Senses” Chart posted above.

You can submit your photos in one of the following ways;

You can:

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Cara and Lori from Eh! Be Positive each tried this method. Below is each of their daily downloads.  Enjoy


What a fun activity. I enjoyed it because I don’t often think about what I like or how my interests have changed. I like a lot of different songs and types of food and activities, and it’s a little bit challenging to pick “just one” song, colour, food or activity. I feel like activities like this make me get to know myself better like I am on a first date with myself. Think of how a first date goes. The two people ask one another questions like “What’s your favourite ___?” and they should answer and return the question. I imagine a person who always says, “I like everything” or “I don’t have a favourite”. It shows a lack of focus and no preferences. I liked this task. I still have to think about what my favourite song is. I think I have a few. I love “Don’t stop Believing” by Journey and “Time after Time” by Cindy Lauper. Those are some songs I grew up with. I also like newer songs like “Too Late to Apologize” by One Republic.


have been looking forward to day 13 since day 1. I have no trouble spoiling my senses. I have so many favourite things to surround myself with. I decided to do one thing for each of my senses. Here it is:

Sight – I looked at photos of my nephew today. He is so adorable. Made my heart happy.

Smell – I wore a little vanilla scent today. It reminds me of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and warm cake.

Hearing – I love the sounds in the song- cannon in D. This song is often played as brides walk down the isle. This is associated with happy feelings and happy memories.

Touch – I have a very tight muscle in my neck at the back on my left. It is sore to the touch. I put “Icy Cold” on it and it felt better quickly.

Taste – I indulged in a chocolate chip cookie from Tim Hortons. I love these. I enjoyed every bite.




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