Week 8: Getting there with Gratitude!

Day 8: An Attitude of Gratitude  

Do you have an attitude of gratitude? It’s not just an alliteration that rhymes. It is not a rhetorical question either. It is actually a real question. Instilling a sense of gratitude into your daily life and thoughts, as a lifestyle choice takes, a little more effort than simply saying, “Thank you,” when someone holds the door for you. It does begin with little things like that, although, it runs much deeper.  

The Secret

A few years ago, I bought a book called “The Magic” by Rhonda Burns, whom I am sure you recognize from “The Secret” franchise of self-help books. After reading “The Secret”, I felt inspired and excited to do something and start making things happen for myself. I read the book any time I had a spare moment. Whether I was riding public transit or if I was on a break at work, I would go back to my book. This book utilizes a property of the universe called “The Law of Attraction”. This means that we attract what we think about most. The people, things, and issues that we give our attention to predominantly becomes our reality. “Thoughts become things”. This was intriguing and frankly, it was also a little bit frightening. The idea was that whatever you think about comes into your life. However, the law of attraction stipulates that the universe does not hear other words like NOT, NO, STOP or other little words. It hears LATE, RAIN, BEING RUDE (instead of NOT late, NO rain, or STOP being rude). Hence,  if you are focusing on those things, you could potentially cause them to happen…and more often!

As I practiced this law, I felt somewhat as though I was attracting things into my life that were causing undue stress, and I was not attracting the things that I really wanted! I had to change my habits of thinking about what I did not want, and start to focus on things I had that I was happy about. I had to start focussing on my goals for the future too! I read the next book in the series, “The Magic”, and it provided me with the answer: Gratitude.

The Magic

Being consistently grateful definitely opens you up to new opportunities, helps you deal with setbacks and puts things into perspective. With daily gratitude exercises, I started to feel like I had more and I felt happy and proud of myself for what I had already accomplished. I felt very positive about my life. I started to replace my stressful thoughts of being late with grateful thoughts of always having more than enough time. I would start to visualize a great parking spot at the mall, a small volume of traffic on my way to work, the lowering prices of gas, getting out of work early or even the fact that I have a car! Gratitude changed my life.  

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Your goal today:

Can you use more gratitude in your life? This is your goal this week. I am sure you are grateful for many things; people, relationships, gifts, things you have, favours done for you, or someone cheering you up. 

In the comments section of the Facebook post (in Eh! Be Positive Group) entitled “Gratitude and Gravy”, tag one person that you feel gratitude toward and tell us the reason for this feeling of gratitude. If someone tags you, you can tag them back and tag a new person and tell them why you are grateful to them. Let’s share our attitude of gratitude and Eh!, be Positive!  

Week 8 – Have an Attitude of Gratitude

The happiest people are grateful…or is it the other way around?


The grateful people are the happiest!

Both statements are true. It is like the old Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


Well…to be honest…it does not matter. Either way, we end up with the same results.

When we feel thankful or happy or grateful for the things, people and experiences in our lives, we always feel happier. We attract more things into our lives to feel grateful for.

To attract things into our lives that we want, we have to feel the feelings of gratitude that we would feel once achieving the goal or be receiving the items of our desires.

It may sound difficult to feel happy about something that we do not have yet. Try of these 10 tricks. (A link to this free list will be posted in the next day or two).  Doing one or more at the same time will surely have you feeling happier in no time.

Start your gratitude list like this…
Today is My Birthday!
This is a great day to talk about ‘Gratitude Journals’.  

A Gratitude Journal is a place where you record a list of the things in your life for which you are grateful. You can include all of the things that are already in your life, as well as, the things that you would like to manifest or attract into your life.

There are multiple formats that your journal can take. This all depends on your personal preferences, learning styles and the type of intelligence that you have.  

You can create your own gratitude journal using the following methods:

1) Written Form:

a)     Buy a simple journal book from the dollar store and use a new page for each day. Try to write 5 things every day before you go to bed. It can be very quick, in point form or in complete sentences.
b)     Create your gratitude journal online or using a word document. You can use your laptop or your smartphone too. There are a series of apps available for Apple phones or android. We will post a list shortly.
c)     Create a list using the notes app of your cell phone.

Visual Form

 a)     You can draw your gratitude journal if that is what you prefer. If you are a more visual person than this may be a more ideal option for you.
b)     You can cut photos, words, and images from magazines or fliers. These can be pasted onto a board, into a journal or store them in an envelope or folder.

3) Mental List

a)      While meditating, before going to bed or just after awakening, imagine yourself in your happy place. While in this happy place visualize yourself with all of the people and things toward which you feel gratitude. 

How To Use Your Gratitude Journal 

**Add to the journal every day. Soon enough this will become a habit that you complete automatically at the same time each day. Think of the 21/90 rule. It takes about 21 days of doing something daily in order to form a behavioural habit. It takes about 90 days of doing something daily in order to make a lifestyle change..that will last.
**Read the journal when you are feeling sad, down, lonely or helpless. This will help to keep you motivated and it will remind you of all of the goals for which you are working.  

The benefit of keeping a Gratitude Journal

** This keeps you in good spirits.
**It helps you to feel more positive.
**It allows you to see the world and your life from an optimistic    
    perspective. The glass is always half full (or more).
**The practice raises your vibration

Weekly Challenge

I like to write in my gratitude journal every day.  Now it will be your turn. To enter the weekly challenge just take a quick snap of your gratitude journal. Show us your favourite style of a gratitude journal.  Have fun! Enter in one of the following ways;

An Article in the Huffington Post, about the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal, can be found here

**You can respond to this blog post.
You can post your photo to our Facebook Group.
**You can tweet it to us @spensierimethod
**You can email us at thirtydaystohappy@gmail.com

Have a grateful day and Eh! Be Positive…

Click Here for your free Daily Gratitude List printable worksheet

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