Week 1: What is your Happiness?

30 Days to a Happier You

As some of you all may know, Cara and I have written a book called, “30 Days to a Happier You” It is a self-help book designed to help you create positive habits and eliminate habits that may be holding you back from true happiness. This book consists of 30 chapters. Each chapter represents one day of positive performance based tasks. These tasks have been specially formulated to help you to feel happier every day. Some of the behaviours that you will be doing will work very well for you in brining greater levels of happiness and others will not. You will keep track of this using a daily download.You can find a daily download sheet on the Eh! Be Positive Facebook group page. We will start with day 1.

Day 1 – What is your happiness?

Happy new year every one. It is time to start the 30 days to happy again. Being a happy person and experiencing happiness on a regular basis takes work and dedication. Following a program for 30 days is great. It’s helps you to form new happy habits. After the 30 days your heightened happiness is likely to linger for a little while. Perhaps for a couple days, weeks or even a few months. 

You will have to watch for those little hints of negativity trying to sneak in. Perhaps you are late for work by a few minutes and despite your lateness going unnoticed by management, you catch your inner voice saying, “idiot, you always screw up, you should have gotten up earlier”. Is it really necessary to be so harsh with yourself? Would you judge someone else so harshly? Would you give yourself the benefit of the doubt that you would likely give someone else? One incident of negativity is probably not going to leave you in a terribly negative state..although multiple incidents of negativity will definitely leave a dent.

The best way to combat negativity is with deliberate positivity. Following the 30 days even after you have completed it, will help you to continue to maintains your happiness.

Cara and I have been working on our next instalment, “After the 30 days”. This resource will give you a little more guidance in how to use your daily downloads to create your own happiness plan.

Happiness, just like food preferences, is difference for everyone. Finding out the things that make you happy is important.

What about avoiding the things that make me miserable?

You can’t always avoid the things that tend to make you miserable. Is it your boss that brings down your mood? Does you Doctor make you feel nervous? Does your professor at school infuriate you by choosing you to answer questions even when you have not raised you hand? Well.. the answer is simple..


Each week we will be exploring a different method of being happier. At the end of the 30 weeks we will put out a challenge to all members of Eh! Be Positive. We will do the full 30 days to a happier you…for 30 days straight. It is going to be great. Our goal is for each and every member to be as happy as possible.


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